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  • Limedaiquar

    Its like a Victorian McMansion……what a sad master bathroom….I will slap this house.

  • Justin

    From 9.8m to 3.2m?? Shows how completely batshit insane both the owners of the house and the realtor who tried to sell it are, I mean really… a discrepancy that large means this REA got it really really wrong when valuing this place. Shame on them.

    • NOVA Ben

      Well not so fast, Justin. The home may have been overpriced, but the $3.2 million figure is what it sold for at AUCTION, and homes often sell for WELL under their true value when it comes to an auction scenario. I’m not an expert on CA real estate, so perhaps you’re right, but I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion.

    • NOVA Ben

      Just looked the home up on Zillow (yes, I know Zillow can’t be 100% trusted on home values, but it usually gives you a good ball-park figure.) It says the home is valued at $7,645,000.

  • Joseph

    Although both the interior and exterior have Victorian elements, I’m not too sure about this house. I really like it, but it lacks the charm, grace, and whimsical feel that I see on most homes of this style.

  • Grrrowler

    I sort of like this, and simultaneously sort of hate it. I like some of the elements of the exterior, but to paraphrase Lime, it’s somewhat McMansionish. The interior furnishings are bad, but beyond that some of the spaces are nice. But, they’re nice in a bland generic way. There are some details that were maybe inspired by Victorian style, but it’s not Victorian on the inside. I’m not sure why the master bathroom is practically IN the master bedroom. The setting and views are nice, and I quite like the pool.

  • Daniel

    Eh. Half-assed Victorian at best. Photo 2 really shows the “quirks” well…the circular cut-through on the 2nd floor, the bare wall on the left side, the squished first floor, etc.

    Not good.

  • Puresouthern

    This house appeared on Million Dollar Listing. It was one of the Joshes that had the listing and fought with the owner about the price. It was later listed with someone else. There was also difficulty getting people to come out that far because of Cali traffic? ( I’ve never been to Cali so not familiar with its location) I “think” he got an offer on it but the owner wouldnt take it. Now I’m going to be hoping the episode re-airs soon. I remember it because of the fake cupcakes put out by the housekeep. There is a matching dog house and play house too. :/

  • Nightmoves

    Some may think it is cheesy, but these Victorians have character. I loved this house on MDL. $3.2 is a steal, for a house like this on 20 acres.

  • architect121

    Ugh. A horrible conglomeration of many different victorian substyles. Please understand there is a difference between Queen Anne, Storybook, Victorian Farmhouse, and sick style. This home unsuccesfully combines elements from all of these and that, in turn with the cheapness of material choices and skimping on the “gingerbread” that real victorians are so famous for, is what makes this home, and so many newly built victorians, come across as cold, fabricated, and inexpensive looking.

    • Mak

      Bingo. It looks like a fake, and who wants to buy a fake anything?

  • NOVA Ben

    Well as others have said, this is only half-heartedly Victorian. While there are some really cozy-looking spaces inside, and some really fabulous ones (like the library), the home doesn’t commit to true Queen Anne style, outside or in. That said, this is a fantastic deal for a home this size on this much land, so long as outright authenticity isn’t at the top of your shopping list.

  • Hunter

    At the end of the day, a great deal for the property and a home this size. I do like the size of the screen in the theater. Finally a big one!! So many home theaters seem to skimp on the screen.

  • T Man

    Is that a doll house in the second to last picture?

    • Kenny Forder

      children’s playhouse I think

      • Puresouthern

        it has a matching playhouse and doghouse.

  • rob

    I like it. I wish I could bing it though. I think it looks very comfortable and well made. I like the decorating and the rounded windows. I think a house like this needs to be on land I wish I could bing it and see how it is set on the lot. I like the Queen Anne style and there are a lot of authentic Queen Anns that I have seen and this looks like a pretty good representation of that style.

  • John

    how come on conciergeauctions.com it says this house sold for 7 million before the auction. http://www.conciergeauctions.com/auctions/recent-sales/item/81-thousand-oak-california-2200-white-stallion-road

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