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  • Kenny Forder

    I think you guys already know my answer! 😉 lol

  • Daniel


  • Grrrowler

    Hands down, #3.

  • Mike F

    Even though I know John Henry (architect of number 2 mansion) I will say number 3. But I like both.

  • Marie

    Co-sign with everyone else no.3

  • Joseph

    I would not choose #1. I would rather live in a landfill than live in Las Vegas. Mansion #4 is thrown away for obvious reasons. That leaves #3 and #4. I choose #3 because of the four, it is the least ugly, cartoonish, and is the most understated and stylish as well as being in the best location by far.

  • mak

    Chiltern. Nothing else matters.

  • Iemand

    That first house is a real house???
    Looks like something on ‘The Sims’ game…

    Me to, #3.

    See you in a couple of months again 😉

  • Limedaiquar


  • marc22

    #3 – By any measure. It does have the best location, close to NYC on Long Isalnd’s north shore and situated high on a hill overlooking Long Island Sound with inherited landscaping by Olmsted.

    #1 – Is that house really that white? Plus it’s 120 degrees outside.

    #2 – Is trying way too hard to stand out

    #4 – Nice retirement getaway?

  • lambskin

    #3 then #4 for the winter

  • LisaM

    The Ranch – lived there for years – heaven on earth, an art board (to keep property values high) , historic, quaint, horse trails, quick drive to the ocean – perfect weather. Hands down. (Better future resale value)

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