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  • Daniel

    So…much…terra…cotta. I like the home on Summitridge the best.

  • Limedaiquar

    I very much dislike Mediteranian homes that I can’t even spell it right.

  • Grrrowler

    Looking at the thumbnails, I thought the first eight pictures were of the same house. I have to say that none of them are my favorite.

  • Roberto Landi

    I really like the Lorenzo Fertitta’s house

  • Joseph

    Why do people build these? I would much rather have a mansion clad in masonry or even siding. I only “like” mansion #4 as it at least looks like an attempt at a true Italianate style mansion (but fails horribly). The first mansion is so disfigured and oddly shaped that it looks like a modern version of the chaotic Winchester Mystery House. These mansions do not have any style and therefore no soul. It seems like anything can pass as a “Mediterranean” house these days just as long as it has stucco walls and a tile roof.

  • CEM

    I like the last house best. Clearly he does something more than singer songwriter.

  • lonnie

    Are you kidding? John Fogerty was a megastar in the late 60’s early 70’s.

  • NOVA Ben


  • george

    I like the roof of the first house best.

    • george

      Wrong, second, not first.

      • NOVA Ben

        Reminds me of Men in Black, where the UFOs are disguised as sculptures from the World’s Fair. Except here they’re UFOs disguised as the roof of a house.

        • george

          So true.

  • Don

    Would love to have the skate bowl of mama fertitty

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