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  • george

    Waaaaaaaaay overpriced.

  • Daniel

    That exterior stonework is pretty heinous. The interior is a variety of styles, none of which work particularly well. Pass.

  • Grrrowler

    I like the dining room. The rest is entirely forgettable.

  • Brian

    I believe this mansion may have been an homage to 19th century Texas architect Alfred Giles, including use of the stonework. But I still am in agreement with the prior 3 posters, and especially Grrrowler re the dining room. Unfortunately, “homages” like this, if that’s what it is, and the OK “Art Nouveau” mansion, can’t be carried off unless the architect is highly skilled. Unfortunately, that was not the case for either of these edifices. And even more unfortunately, is rarely the case anywhere.

  • NOVA Ben

    This looked semi-promising from the too-small-to-properly-tell thumbnails, but is kind of revolting on a closer look. The awnings, which need to be removed, like, yesterday, are only the beginning. The stone-work is really really ugly, and the interior falls flat on its face. It’s holding up okay for having been built in 1983, but it’s so blah and uninspiring it doesn’t matter. Not feeling this.

  • Chris

    Oh god the awnings are just awful. Aside from that its uninspiring

  • lambskin

    Nice pool and view. The rest is wrong, so wrong.

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