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  • Eric

    I really like this! To me, it’s nice but not too overdone.

    maybe a tad beige-y but it allows the views take care of that

  • Daniel

    I’m not really feeling the idea of owning two separate, almost identical homes next to each other. Personally I’d prefer one large structure with a small guest house. With that said, the interiors are very nice. The ceiling designs in some rooms are on the crazy side, but nice nonetheless. But then there’s that pesky asking price…

  • Limedaiquar

    It’s very hotel/ resort looking to me. Which I don’t like.

  • Grrrowler

    Almost $36 million for what looks like a typical mountain condominium complex on the outside, and a modern impersonal hotel on the inside? There is hope for some of the interior spaces, but they need a little more work.

  • lambskin

    To tell you the truth, I wonder if the views are all that great. Of the few pictures with windows, most of the window pics are taken at night and not only do you have the dual family compound blocking views on the facing sides, it looks like there are other homes nearby impacting the visuals. I think the lot may be flawed in terms of views. I think the interiors-bathrooms, stairwells, and other built in features will become outdated quickly. The listing pictures are really poor quality. Like Grrrowler, I thought condo complex too.

  • NOVA Ben

    Why? Why why why? If they have their own addresses, why wouldn’t you sell these as two separate properties? I mean, isn’t that kind of shooting yourself in the foot, building two brand new homes and trying to sell them as a package deal?

  • rob

    I think I saw this in the NYTimes a couple of weeks ago and it is up for auction. I like it a lot and I really like the location. Aspen is great in the winter as well as the summer, I agee it is pretty beigey but I like the smooth curves and soft edges to this place. In Aspen I would like to have a second house next to the main house, because you are going to have visitors all the time.

  • Jeff P.

    I guess it does look like a hotel, because it looks like somewhere I’d want to throw a party, but not to live.

  • Chris

    I loooove the modern design. It works very very well

  • Angela

    Hi Kenny–thanks for the post about our listing at Shane Aspen Real Estate. You really have to see this home in person to appreciate it’s true beauty. Everything is completely top-of-the-line and the fact that the home’s are separate from each other, makes your visiting guests feel like they have a true space of their own. The home’s are literally slopeside, so having 12 bedrooms in Aspen with this kind of proximity to the mountain is rare. To see our high-production video, complete with arial footage, go to http://www.aspenfamilycompound.com

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