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  • Chris

    The exterior is lovely, but the interior does need some work I think.

  • Daniel

    Exterior ain’t bad. I’m not sure I love the stone balustrade taking up half the first floor though. Interior is honestly like every other Tennessee mansion we’ve seen. I feel like it doesn’t matter what the exterior looks like, the interior will always resemble what we have here.

  • lambskin

    The front facade is too fussy. Not a fan of the foyer. The ceiling height in the dining room is really bothersome-especially with the middle of the wall moulding to bring it down. I have no problem with the furnishings-just nothing special. Cool pool.

  • Grrrowler

    The front is interesting, but it’s too jumbled looking. The back is terrible. Nothing says that you’re only interested in impressing people who drive past your house by making sure that all the detailing goes only onto the front facade. If I’m going to spend the money and enjoy the house myself, I want the damn details on all sides!

    The interior is cookie-cutter, at best. There are just enough details, mostly in the form of mouldings, to keep it from being just a box. Ultimately, the interior and exterior have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

    It being in Tennessee, there is at least one requisite paint treatment. Of course the owners also had to have the big heavy draperies, so that they can pretend they’re living in Tara, albeit a mock-Med Tara. The only thing missing from the master bedroom curtains is Carol Burnett. I just don’t get why, if they wanted a plantation-style house they’d put it inside a Mediterranean-style “villa”.

  • rob

    I like the exterior and then it just gets terrible. The faux two story living room with the balcony. The overdone marble. The crappy lot. The tacky fake waterfall. The boring neighborhood. This would be my nightmare house. I could not live in this place for six weeks without going crazy. I cannot imagine how horrible the people who chose this are.

  • Mak

    Maybe I’m just dreaming, but you guys are too hard on Tennessee properties.

    I think it’s because you all have a cultural bias against people from an ass backwards state and so you’re taking it out on their homes.

    Hmmm…on second thought…I’m down with that too.

    • Daniel

      Nonsense. I love Jack Daniels…

      • Grrrowler

        I am not against Tennessee, Some of my best hangovers are from there!

      • mak

        hehe…yea…good ole boy that Jack. His brother Dickel kicks his ass though.

  • Limedaiquar

    Hate it.

  • CD

    I like some pieces of this house, but I think the owners designed it just to show off to people passing by and forgetting to make it a “home”. The front is too busy and the back is too plain for my tastes.

    Nashville and Franklin are not “ass backwards” places. Williamson County, where Franklin is located is the 17th wealthiest county in the nation. If you’ve ever actually been here you would know that.

  • richvanc

    Nothing whatsoever to like about this house, out-side and in-side! It is completely INSIPID! Still, I’m glad Mak has brought us in-line. We do get rather negative at times! Jack Daniel’s is still my favourite whiskey. Yes, Grrrowler… most of my best hangovers come from there too!

  • Ted

    i usually hate mediterranean style homes but i actually like this one.

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