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  • Daniel

    The Cap Ferrat manse is stunning. So so pretty. My favorite however is La Fiorentina at the tip of the island:




    I was shocked to find out that the home in 85th St was in Coral Gables. Knew nothing about it. Stunning property though, and the house looks pretty good if a little too cubic. The other Coral Gables home is stunning and the size of it is incredible. From the road, the lot looks even bigger than in the BEV.

    • Grrrowler

      La Fiorentina is one of most amazing houses anywhere in the world. The setting alone is spectacular. There was an piece on the house in Architectural Digest in 1999 before it was sold showing Baldwin’s interiors, and not enough pictures of that; I wonder what it looks like inside today.

      • John L.

        La Fiorentina was in the January 1999 Architectural Digest. There is actually a fair amount of interior shots. Who owns the house? Is it the Wyatts?

        With regard to these mansions:
        – #1 is actually quite nice
        – #2 is fair at best
        – #3 is absolutely amazing
        – #4 is really nice
        – #5 is isn’t bad either
        – #6 is pretty awesome

    • Kenny

      Wow, spectacular views! Thanks for the link!

    • Hüseyin


      • Hüseyin

        The Facundo Bacardi mansion has the address 4975 SW 85th St, Miami, FL 33143. I love it, as well as the 8500 Cutler Road house, which is nearby.

      • Daniel

        Birds-eye view.

    • Hüseyin
  • Grrrowler

    The others mostly pale in comparison to the Cap Ferrat house. It looks truly amazing. #6 in Coral Gables also looks pretty nice, but the rest do nothing for me.

  • Limedaiquar

    Don’t really like none of them.

    • Kenny

      Oh come on, really??? haha =P

  • lambskin


    • rob

      It is a small city in Wisconsin.

      • lambskin


  • Joseph

    Mansion 4 is a cool looking box. Mansion 3 is just gorgeous.

  • joejoe509

    Nice! For once here is a feature in which most of the houses are respectably nice! I honestly like all of them.

    #1 is pretty nice, but it’s just… typical

    #2 looks like a large, old hotel.

    #3 is not my style, but I’m sure it’s incredible. I have no intention of living in France

    #4 is pretty nice for a box. This is my least favorite

    #5 has a crazy layout, but it’s probably my favorite

    #6 is a close second only because I’m not generally a fan of Meds and it looks way too big.

  • kingstigo

    #6 has to be the best out of them all.The owner must be smiling everyday waking up to a yacht back in the backyard

  • Hunter

    Damn!! Now that’s a collection!!

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