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  • Chance

    The house itself is “ehh”, but the car collection is magnificent.

  • weisser

    It looks like a mall or a public entertainment center. I don’t feel privacy.
    Also, I hate the double staircase. It’s devoid of common sense and it’s ugly.

  • Limedaiquar


  • Grrrowler

    Seriously? I so wish people with money to build houses like this would spend some money developing some taste.

  • architect’s daughter

    oh my. i’ll stop there.

  • Dave T.

    It is, believe it or not, a Scholz design. So when you see on their site homes up to the teens in sq. footage, but they claim “up to 45,000 sq. ft.”, this is the house they mean. And they are proud of it!

    • Kenny

      LOVE Scholz! 🙂

  • Barney

    YET ANOTHER in the COUNTLESS examples of conspicuous, tasteless, useless and ANY other kinda’ “LESS” run COMPLETELY AMOK. I guarantee you that these two have NEVER fully utilized even 75% of this house for ANY extended period of time at the same time. Pitiful.

  • Tay

    These “estates” always fail with the overly massive and awkward garage wings that have no design integrity whatsoever with the main house. Its basically just throw a roof over 7+ garage doors and add a dormer or two..

  • Tony

    This house is a hot broiling steam’n dump of a mess!!!! It looks cheap and tacky and I really hate the way the stair-case obstructs the entry way leading to the library, that whole entrance to the library looks a hot ass mess!!!

  • marc22

    Its their money, hard earned I presume so let them spend it as they see fit. Its definitely not horrible which this site features plenty of bad examples of poor taste. This home is actually alittle understated for a mega-mansion. Has more right than wrong and the proportions and detailing is done well in most of teh pictures. I wouldnt give back the keys if offered the place.

    • NOVA Ben

      I agree with the exact opposite of everything you said. Minus the part about it being their money. Because it is their money, but that doesn’t make this home anything other than a hot mess.

  • george

    Every house has faults, this is no exception. The reason I like it is it’s ment to be a home for a family, not a designer showcase. Look at the basketball court, the tennis ct., and the childrens playhouse, swings, etc. The only thing that drives me crazy is the two car showrooms on either side of the house.
    Before I retired I was a new car dealer, so the LAST thing I want to come home to is a car showroom.

  • Daniel

    Since almost everyone covered the ghastliness of the home, I’ll just say I love the car collection. The 288 GTO, F40, 275 GTB, Enzo and F50 are probably found in every major Ferrari collection. Where’s the 250 GTO?

    • NOVA Ben

      I’m in complete agreement about the car collection. This clearly is not some chump that throws an Enzo and an F50 in his garage and calls it a day. This looks to be a fairly respectable Ferrari collection. And it’s POSSIBLE (although admittedly hard to tell) that the yellow car all the way at the end of the row in the first picture is a 250 TR.

    • NOVA Ben

      I should have poked around on Google before I posted my reply…the yellow car is actually a 1955 Ferrari 410 Sport, which he apparently (and appropriately) takes to car shows, along with several of his other cars. They only built 2, so that makes the 250 GTO look sort of common. Go figure.

      A better pic of the car is here, third car from the bottom of the page:

    • weisser

      daniel. ti tupaya svoloch, melkaya padal. hule ti obichno viebivaeshashhhya? AAA?

      • Daniel

        Sorry but Google Translate didn’t detect that language…

        • weisser

          I lost a lot of money yesterday. I was drunk and angry. I’m very sorry.

  • rob

    Cheap and tacky. I imagine the owner and his wife walking around screaming all the time. Loud and obnoxious. Nice car colletion though.

  • NOVA Ben

    The home is utterly and viciously awful in every possible way, ESPECIALLY the tacky-ass “million dollar” indoor pool. Just terrible.

    The car collection, as I said above, is the lone bright spot in this pile of bricks. Very nice.

  • Joseph

    I’m not a fan of mega mansions (especially 50 cent’s mansion *gag), but this one isn’t that bad. I’ve still seen many tract mcmansions that look like this but a fraction of the size. I dislike its location though especially.

    Why was it placed there? It appears to be on a busy street behind an affluent neighborhood. If I had money to buy a huge mansion, I’d place it either in complete privacy or in a very wealthy neighborhood; not an average looking area full of run of the mill condominiums and older houses.

    On the interior, it is pretty generic though, and the 1950’s diner is ugly.

    • Lisa

      You are correct about the location. I actually live a couple miles from this estate. We were surprised when it was built as (a) it is on a fairly well travelled road, (b) is not secluded although it does sit aways back from the road and berms were built, (c) there are farm houses and barns across the street (rural). The condo’s were built after he built the mansion.

  • joejoe509

    The amenity list is obviously superb. But to be honest I could fit all those amenities into a house half that size and still be comfortable. I don’t understand why this thing needs to be so big and boring. The aerial view looks like a shopping mall or an airport terminal. The porte cochere says hotel.

    The pool is very cool but very tacky. The false front on the theater is pretty neat, but I think I could do better. I really do. And inside, it’s nothing special. I really dislike the 50’s diner but I could definitely see how that could appeal to someone. The rest of the interior is not classy. It’s full on tacky and I”m not into it.

  • Mark

    By most accounts a beautiful home. Probably a lot nicer than anyone’s home on this blog.

    • marc22

      lol right to the point!!!!!!!

    • mark23


      • Joejoe509

        I’m curious why all the comments above have a screen name deriving from the name Mark. Mark, marc22, mark23… very similar. Hmmm. Commenting on your own comment, Mark? Just a coincidence?

        And BTW Mark, we don’t care if this house is nicer than ours. We’re allowed to have opinion whether we’re homeless or filthy rich like the above owners. All of this stuff is subjective and I’m sure the owners love it. Good for them.

        • Mark

          So my opinion of your opinion is wrong. Very illogical – IDIOT! I will express an opinion and allow you to express one.
          I don’t know the other Mark fellas. But I agree with them. You are just a paranoid guy who can’t handle criticism. Probably cause you live in a dump and had your feelings hurt.

          • Joejoe509

            Okay… just a coincidence then. I can live with that. You gotta admit that it looks weird when there is a Mark, marc22, and a mark23 saying the same thing within hours of each other. But whatever… I don’t care. Name calling and general rudeness isn’t appropriate, Mark. If anything, you’re the defensive one. Grow up.

            Speaking of defensive, you mistake me. I didn’t mean any harm and I certainly didn’t deserve to be called an idiot. Like I said, all of this is subjective. Everyone is allowed their opinion. One person can love this house and the next can hate it. And yes, this house is very likely better than most of our houses because this house is better than 90% of houses in the whole world. Big whoop. I don’t think anyone is saying that their house is better than this. We’re offering simple opinions that, in the end, are meaningless and nobody really cares including the owner of this home.

            That said, I consider it rude to bash anyone’s (including my own home) residence without at least seeing it first. You know what they say about assumptions, Mark… 😉

          • Mark

            Fair enough. Note that your ‘ass’umption comment is not unlike my idiot comment. Actually I will take back my comment on idiot. Sorry about that.

  • kingstigo

    The graand foyer is superb,It was build as a home not a showhouse to people

  • Alan

    What company does Brian Ross own? I tried to wiki his name but came up with the news man

  • Alan S

    What company does this guy own?

  • Jeff P.

    Wow, so much hate for this house. It is definitely way too big, and I wouldn’t have chosen some of the decor either, but overall it looks like a very fun place and a total party house. Looks like it would be in its prime with 100 people walking from room to room and having fun. The pool would be nicer outdoors, but it is Ohio, and it just looks like a lot of (year-round) fun to me.

    The car collection, which so many people seem to like, is great if you are a Ferrari purist, but not very interesting otherwise. The 410 Sport is to die for, but all the wedge shaped post-1980 models seem repetitive.

    I guess I am going to be the resident minority opinion on this blog because I like this place, imperfect as it is, and yet I could not stand that all white-on-white-on-white Greenwich home from a few days ago that everyone gushed over. To each his own, and vive la difference.

    • Joejoe509

      I fully understand and respect your opinion. I agree that this place would be an absolute blast to hang out at.

      • weisser

        I fully fuck you NUXXX pidar!!!

        • John L.

          I’m not completely sure what that means, but it’s really, really funny!

          • NOVA Ben

            His comments make less and less sense as time goes on…I think he might have rabies or something.

          • Joejoe509

            LOL. I got a chuckle out of it too. 🙂

          • weisser

            Pardon my french 🙂

          • weisser

            Nova Ben. You’re the only one who had an inadequate response. I suspect that you are a beggar moron and you have a lot of psychological problems.

          • NOVA Ben

            I apologize if you misunderstood my reply. I was only trying to be humorous and didn’t mean anything by it 🙂

            And you may just be right with your assertions 😉 I prefer to think it makes me interesting.

  • weisser


    • rob


      • weisser


  • Hunter

    The car collection and pool area are awesome!! Sorry, you can call the pool “tacky” but I’ll take a private mini water park in my house any day!!

  • Hunter

    Being single, I’d have some insane gatherings at this place…love it!!

  • Ryan Jeffcoat

    I have seen this house on Million Dollar Rooms and i have to say you got a wonderful house.

  • Joyce

    I think the house is beautiful with the exception to some of the furniture and the dinner.He has entertained George W. Bush, John McCain and every other Republican on there stops in Ohio. The sad thing is that it is in a place where most people are living pay check to pay check. I am sure if I had that kind of money……and had to look at the rest of the surrounding area I would not be entertaining Republicans. I am sure when they come here the mansion is all they see and not one bit of the rest of the city.

    • DAT

      I’m sure Obama has never gone to any mansions.

      • Dee

        “He has entertained George W. Bush, John McCain and every other Republican on there stops in Ohio.”

        So the Militia, child molesters & KKK he’s hosted, why is he even still alive?

  • wonderwoman

    I know Brian and Kim and their children. Our kids go to school together.
    They are very nice people. They have kids, dogs and most of the time are probably a regular family.
    I think the house is amazing although I’ve really only visited the indoor practice facility for our baseball team.
    Overall, I like that people with that amount of money are so friendly, approachable and nice.
    BTW…the cars are superb! and he owns the Ferrari dealership in Vancouver, the selection IS deliberate.

  • cesar

    Mrs. Ross is hott!!!!

  • Sarah

    I didn’t like the house…way too massive and cold. The dinner and pool seem’80’s dated…I do support houses that enc. good food and good health on a smaller scale…I have a small Endless pool excercise pool…but this is too much…more is not better…more is more problems…and, yes, I can imagine this husband and wife screaming at each other!

  • Mark

    These folks probably just sit around and dream up ways to spend more money.
    I’m just guessing this is the level at which President Obama wants more taxes out of. Even though I’m very conservative, I’m thinking, yep they could be paying more. Yeah they earned it, but this is insane. When is enough, enough?

  • Anonymous

    I am a friend of the Ross’, and I have been to this estate countless times. Brian and Kim are some of the most friendly people I have ever met, and are always thinking of ways to give back to the community. Brian is so proud of his car collection as well as he should be since he worked hard for everything he has. The first time I went to their home, I got a tour of this beautiful family palace and the last stop was his “Ferrari garage”. Absolutely gorgeous home. I am an aspiring architect, and the architecture of the inside walls of this house are amazing! Truthfully, the pictures of the diner, theatre, and Mayan themed pool do not do them justice. Seeing this house in person is absolutely breathtaking.

  • Frank Seitz

    Brian has brought at least one of his cars to our Monday Night Cruise at the Topnotch Diner in Cortland and parked away from the other cars. He dressed and look and acted just like the rest of us. You would never know he was who he is. His house, its gorgeous. I would love to see it becaue pictures never show the real beauty. Brian, Pleae come back to Monday Night Cruise and park with the rest of us. Look for me, I drive the black hot rod 1957 Chevy pickup.

  • Scoobydoo

    Omg. Seriously. Could it get any gaudier. Sorry but money doesn’t buy class. I live in this area and mostly it’s called the mausoleum instead of a mansion. Try moving it to California and seeing if it’s anything special. It sits in the middle of a huge wheat field with runway lights all the way up the drive in a country bumpkin town where most people laugh at it. And no. It’s not jealousy it’s a disgrace for those hard working people in the area to see such wasteful use of money. So honestly do people with class call and invite HGTV to their home .. Enough said.

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