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  • Marie

    I like it 🙂

  • Chris

    eh. The colonial mansion is too common in that region. It needs a hacienda or west indies style residence or two I feel.

    • Joseph

      In Massachusetts? That wouldn’t look right. Although places in the sunbelt are filled with a hodgepodge of a homes, it is best to stick with regional architecture. Imagine a neighborhood of traditional siding-clad colonial homes. A stucco Hacienda will look hideous and stick out like a sore thumb.

      Onto the mansion, It looks quite nice, but I really hate those palladian windows in general. The side of the house also needs to change. Overall though, the house is bright, beautiful, and although I am not too big of a fan on vaulted ceilings, I love the ceiling in the living room.

      • Chris

        I do like colonials, however I feel that there needs to be some variation, ie brick, stucco, hell even a greek revival/neoclassical to change it up a little. Something so that the similarities are obvious, but they are also different.

        I too detest palladian windows. Not a fan of them myself.

  • Sam

    There’s alot of aspects about this house that i absolutely love. The drawing room with the vaulted ceiling is a personal favorite, its so well lite and elegant. I would have liked a sweeping curved staircase instead of an angular split level one. The side of the house with the garage stalls looks a bit out of place, as does the view of the house from the rear garden, it doesnt look well mapped out.

  • NOVA Ben

    BOOORRRING. Nothing catches my eye here.

    • Jeff P.

      Ditto. I grew up around houses like this. Does nothing for me.

  • mak

    A 12M house and it has the garage faced the way it does? You’re kidding right?

    • NOVA Ben

      House: “Ahh, you got me! I was kidding!” [twists garage around the other way]

  • Limedaiquar


  • Daniel

    Quaint. Last photo makes it look like a townhouse.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s a yawn-fest. There are some nice things about it, and it looks very comfortable, but it’s far from anything special. The orientation of the garages alone is enough to kill the whole thing for me; there’s plenty of land and the garages could have easily been turned away from the front facade.

  • Joejoe509

    Hmmm. Overall I like it! Even though it’s the typical New England white on white, it’s very nice and the details are great. The interior has a lot of redeeming points and memorable elements, but the overall package is pretty… well… typical is a good word. It’s not boring. It’s just that we’ve seen it a zillion times.

    The exterior however is nothing special at all especially for $11 Million. It’s not ugly… I’m hoping a refresh could give it some life, but I’m not sure how and for how much.

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