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  • mak

    Only problem with this place is that you have to look out at the massive neighborhood eyesore just around the corner.

    • Elliott

      any info on that property? also, there are two interesting homes to the east on cartmel lane. one was going for a castle look and the other has a beach volleyball court!

  • Daniel

    House is pretty typical. Exterior ain’t bad for what it is, interior is a let down. Wouldn’t live here in a trillion years even if you paid me to.

    • Mark

      Come on … really. Is it that bad?

      • Daniel

        It backs up to a swamp and it rains daily during the summer. Mosquitoes frolic with the crocodiles. Other than the amusement parks, there is nothing to do. Yes, it’s that bad. I don’t see any “luxury” here.

        • Mark

          OK, you have convinced me. What if we gave you this house along with Stone Mansion? You would have to spend 6 days a week at Stone and Wed at this dump. We would ferry you back and forth in a limo and a corp jet. Along with some hot babes feeding you finger food and rubbing you on the way and stay with you at the dump?

          Would you do it then?

          • Daniel

            Jersey!?!?!?! Sheesh, I hope those hot babes have a suitcase full of Xanax so I can just sleep through my orgy.

          • joejoe509

            Lol. Wow. That’s quite a scenario. In Mark’s defense you might have deserved it, Daniel. “Never in a trillion years” is quite a big claim and it warrants a crazy deal like this one to see if you’re telling the truth. Right? 😉

            Props for turning down the chicks! But I’m with you. If you’re going to go with drugs, I bet a big bottle of Xanax will let you tolerate Central Florida. Skip the extra mansion, the limo, the chicks and just go with drugs. It’s cheaper.

  • Chris

    The exterior is stunning. The interior, sucks epicly.

  • Grrrowler

    Central Florida…I would go there to visit the theme parks, but there’s no way I’d pay millions, or even thousands, to live there. The exterior of this place looks decent, but the interior a disjointed mess. It looks less personal and livable than a designer showhouse, and there’s nothing exciting happening. I looked at the designers web site and think that her style is predictable, at best.

  • Jeff P.

    I must be getting jaded because this is a nice place and it does nothing for me at all. I like the pergola over the spa though.

  • Joejoe509

    Yeesh. I’ll take what you guys say about central Florida, but I really have no first hand knowledge so I can’t comment. Sounds like an undesirable place for sure…

    Anyway, the house itself… I don’t see anything terribly disgusting, but it really has zero appeal to me. There wasn’t one photo or one major element that significantly impressed me. And if the location is terrible well then so is the price. Next!

    • Mark

      It’s gotta be a better place than Iraq, Afghan and Yemen?

      • joejoe509

        Yes, I would think so. But let’s consider this crazy comparison more seriously. Sand or swamp? Sheesh that’s a hard one… Yeah you’re right I would probably take swamp. And even the worst place in America is better than the best place in those countries, right? So there’s that…

        Then again! if I were able to own this house in any of those countries. I’d probably be a king or a celebrity right? Nevermind Mark, I take it all back. Central Florida is probably worse than Iraq, Afghan(istan), and Yemen if I’m allowed to keep the house. Oh and throw in Jason Statham and Brock Sampson as my body guards. Otherwise, no deal. These are my demands! Hey you offered Daniel hot women, a limo, and food. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here… 😉

        • Mark

          Daniel’s deal is yours, he turned it down. You can have unlimited Xanax and Viagra…

  • joejoe509

    OOOOkay back to topic. Do you actually like this home Mark?

    • Mark

      I do like parts of the home, other parts I don’t. I like the foyer, the terrace, the pool are feels confined though. The bedroom ceiling is a little weird. Overall I could live there for a while. But from what you’ve all said, bad part of the state. Plus I hate humidity and bugs….

  • NOVA Ben

    Well you can file me under “no firsthand experience with this area” but I don’t particularly care to have any experience with it. As others have said, the exterior is okay, but the interior is beyond underwhelming. Perceived desirability aside, isn’t the price on the low side for Windermere?

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