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  • NOVA Ben

    This is a nice enough home. Nothing offensive, just a very comfortable-looking and elegant stone Colonial. I’m more satisfied with the exterior than the interior…there’s nothing particularly exciting inside. The land looks beautiful, and I particularly like the partially ivy-covered garage wing with porte cochere. A spruce-up of the interior could make the place even better.

  • Daniel

    It’s amazing what a little ivy can do for a home. Love it. Although I’m not fond of shingle-style homes, this one looks “right” to me. The front-facing garages are lovely too. Interior seems quaint, but the kitchen looks overly opulent.

  • Grrrowler

    It looks like a perfectly lovely and comfortable home. And, the fact that it looks like a home separates it from many other houses we see here. Still, it’s not the most exciting thing ever. As attractive as the garage doors are, I still don’t like them being visible from the front of the house. The front facade is relatively formal and the garage doors just don’t match. The interior could use a little punching up, but the bones are good. I don’t understand why there’s a microwave in the breakfast room (or informal dining room, or whatever that is), but it seems very well misplaced. The grounds are the best part of the whole thing, and do look truly beautiful.

    • Jeff P.

      I don’t think its a microwave – it looks like either a warming drawer or possibly a small wine chiller?

  • Limedaiquar

    This is so ugly. I like the grounds though.

  • Oliver

    Proportions are off on the front. I like the garage doors, rear facade, and the pool house.

  • Chris

    eh, I don’t see the appeal behind the colonial

  • lambskin

    I don’t get the paint job-yellow/beige in the front and blue in the back. The rear of the garage and the house look like siding-needs more stone.

  • Joejoe509

    OOoooo. Very nice. I like this one a lot. Not terribly inspirational, but I would totally live here. The exterior/grounds are definitely impressive. I’m sure with a little boost inside this house will make some family very happy for many years to come.

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