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  • Jason

    hey Kenny, how did you come across this house? has it been featured recently somewhere? it’s quite an impressive home driving down NW Hwy. as it sits on a hillock and has a commanding presence. as some of you know, I have helped myself to some self-guided tours and this is one I toured at the very end of construction about 2-2 1/2 years ago. I was gobsmacked to say the least! all the above mentioned features in a well done Spanish style. it was the first time I had seen a slide for the kids to go down from the upstairs area towards the informal areas below. believe me, I was scared stiff driving my car up the driveway passed at least 20 construction men planting the yard. amazingly there was no one there to tell me I couldn’t have a peek, so I went ahead and did that! the kids area has an indoor basketball half court sandwiched between the two boys rooms and connected by a hallway. this house is a family compound with everything you could ask for. if you notice on the left hand side of the property a mid-century home was demolished to make way for a formal entry on Southbrook. it would be too gauche to have an address on NW Hwy, so the official address is off this road.

  • Jason

    also, if anyone knows who the architect is I’d love to know. I haven’t figured it out. the builder was – if you notice the cleared lot behind this one on Seneca with the tractor- it now has a massive limestone clad French Eclectic mansion featured here on this site. it’s pretty much done, with some detail work going on the grounds. the house diagnol and behind the sports complex has been torn down and will probably get a mega-mansion built on it. the site is probably 1.5 acres. the house down Seneca and at the intersection of Briarwood and Shadywood under construction belongs to Don Henley of The Eagles. I guess Hotel California was too expensive and he built in his hometown. the corner of Briarwood and Shadywood just sold and will probably be torn down for another mansion. Cherokee Trail and Bluffveiw was torn down and being replaced by a contemporary mansion. also the empty lot on Watauga that’s empty at the bend is being built up with another mansion- Bluffview is a hot neighborhood in Dallas and one of my favorites.

  • Daniel

    I don’t know, it’s all a very odd layout. A pool in the front yard, the garages facing the tennis court, the obnoxious guest house/indoor basketball court, the odd front entry, the even odder steps near the pool, etc. Just doesn’t quite work for me.

  • Grrrowler

    The style is OK, but the massing of the house seems very confused, at least in the front. The front entry doesn’t look like a main entry, but more like something you’d expect to see on the rear of a house overlooking a terrace. The pool in the front of the house continues the “front is back” theme, and is enough to ruin the whole thing for me.

  • Joejoe509

    What a fun looking house! But the layout is a little weird. All the amenities are geared toward fun and I can respect that. Boy they must really like tennis… Why not just the indoor one? Overall, it’s not bad and it’s interesting because it’s relatively unique.

  • chris

    I wonder how big the ENTIRE house is, including the indoor tennis court and go kart track?

  • Onions

    5 posts and not 1 complaint about this being built on subprime lending profits. Good job guys!
    Agree the layout is a little weird but, overall pretty good. Where’s the go-kart track?

    • Barney

      Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, Onions! Unless there were people or animals in this house, I wouldn’t throw A TEASPOON of water on this place if it were burning to the ground, knowing how the person who owns it paid for it. REVOLTING, but so is seemingly half o the history of the human race on earth. As Sonny & Cher sang…….”Yes, the beat goes on…….”

    • Michael

      Why would you care if they do subprime car loans? Cars are NOT a necessity and no one forced any subprime car borrower to purchase their car. Nor did anyone force those same subprime borrowers to have trouble paying off their debts and have low enough credit scores to be considered subprime in the first place. You could just as easily view Drive Financial as a great company for not completely ignoring people who have had trouble in the past. I don’t care if they charge 20% on a car loan. My credit card company charges 30%. The reason the rate MUST be high is because these are risky borrowers. Higher risk requires higher return. If they make their payments on time for a period of time, they can refinance those notes into much lower rates. It’s rather easy and quite lazy to automatically crucify the wealthy like our President loves to do. Step back for a minute and think about the risk that must be taken on to run a business. If you disagree with it, you could always start a subprime lending business where you charge half the interest. You will quickly find out how much of a hassle it is due to accounts going into collections and would probably realize in very short order that the reward should be worth the risk. Hence the 20% rates.

  • NOVA Ben

    Mindblowing amenities, but I’m with Grrrowler on this…the layout is just odd and it makes for an unbalanced look.

  • kadeebee

    It’s listed as being at 13.5K sq ft on the tax appraisal site:

  • Teddi

    I’m confused. It’s like Bizarro world. Okay, so there’s the circular driveway with attached motorcourt, lovely stairs leading up to the house and it’s beside the pool? There’s a big back yard, why not put the pool back there? Put a water feature in the front if you want, but not a pool. This is just all kinds of weird. imo

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