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  • rob

    Damn, this is absolutely gorgeous. This is really no expense spared. The amount of detail and the level of craftsmanship is phenomenal. I love the tile in the pool and the various types of columns in the house. The stairway is amazing. I like the heavy feel of the house and the exterior proportions really suit this style of house quite well.

    • rob

      Just read the article. 11 architectural designers and a team of interior decorators working together. Wow.

  • Limedaiquar

    Oh my wow at the interior. The exterior is not bad, I just wish it was more authentic Venetian to match the interior.

  • Tony

    Not my style, but what an amazing house.

  • Tony

    It’s owned by Christopher Cline. His $1.7 billion fortune comes from coal mining. He commutes from Palm Beach to West Virginia via his Gulfstream V and also owns a 164′ yacht, Mine Games. So it should not be surprising that he put so much money into this house.

  • bigdaddyj

    Grossly overdone interior, totally tasteless and tacky…also, it’s even not in the “real” Palm Beach, so he’ll take a bath on it if & when he goes to sell it.

    • Barney

      BINGO, BigDaddy……..you could NOT POSSIBLY BE MORE RIGHT! Vile beyond words in it’s pretentiousness.

    • Rick

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Like so many of these mega monstrosities, it’s tasteless and creepy. I couldn’t live in a place like this. These are not homes, they are just tacky showplaces that say to the world, look at how much money I have, and look at the hideous faux museum that I live in. I thought I saw Gloria Swanson looking out of one of the windows in one of the pictures..oh, I’m confused that was Sunset Blvd.

  • Daniel

    Completely outrageous and over-the-top – LOVE IT!!!! Honestly, one of the nicest interiors I’ve seen. Simmons homes are anything but subtle, but I think that they are one of the best in making EVERY single room follow the set design scheme. I have to say the Bears Club home is equally amazing. More exterior photos of that home here: http://ktstoneworks.com/fp_view.php?id=60

  • Grrrowler

    It’s completely not my style and is totally excessive, and I really like it. If you’re to go over the top, go all the way over, and then some. This has managed to do that and remain tasteful. The attention to detail is almost staggering but that makes it even more special.

  • Tony

    This house is ok, but there are a few things i dislike, first off I don’t see a gate, I just see an entry way, I am not sure if the gate is just not visible in the pic or what but a house of this size and stature should definitely have a entry gate, also the house should be on more acreage and set further back from the entrance, also the exterior and interior looks cheap to me, it doesn’t look real bad compared a lot of other houses shown on this site but it still looks very “faux” to me, everything looks like it was picked out of a catalogue or something, I think everything should be custom in a house this size and everything should be quality material and not faux material, this house has that look like a movie set, you know how everything on a movie set looks real but it is really made out of foam, that’s how this looks, it looks like cheap materials made to look expensive, just look at a real villa in Tuscany, you’ll see that the walls look like solid stone, this looks like the walls are made of dry wall which is another word for “cardboard” with some sort of plaster coating over the dry wall to give the illusion of stone, and those stone pillars throughout the home look like cheap fake mass produced pillars made of foam with a fake plaster coating to give the illusion of stone

  • Tony

    Also I wanted to say that this house reminds me of another home, I don’t have a link to it at the moment but I believe it was featured on this site, I think it was made by Charles Watt Estate Homes

  • WrteStufLA

    Isn’t this estate literally next door to the $12M+ “tear-down” that Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods’ ex-wife) recently had demolished?

    • Tony


  • architect’s daughter

    too goo-ey for my taste – but nice if it’s your style. i don’t think it will age well–just my view.

  • Nightmoves

    That pool is the best I have ever seen.

  • richvanc

    I like that word “goo-ey” it actually sums up this house quite well! 😉

  • NOVA Ben

    Complete sensory overload.

  • marc22

    This home knows how to impress. Interior and exterior shows that much designing and money was spent on this home. Very nice. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but who cares? The details and materials are magnificent

  • Joejoe509

    WHOA!! This is incredible! Much like some others, this is totally beyond my more mortal tastes, but it’s simply outstanding in its own right! LOTS of time, effort, and money went into this and it’s stunningly obvious! I really like the stained glass! I don’t see a single room that is completely revolting which is amazing to me because I don’t usually like this style or this level of opulence.

    Would I be comfortable living here? It’s complicated… Yes I would LOVE to live here but I just don’t think it would ever truly feel like home. And it would be under-utilized as a mere vacation home. The overall package is very impressive, but unfortunately there really isn’t anything I truly like about this home. This mansion finds itself among my favorites mainly because of the unique details – not because I actually like it. This type of home is reserved for the more tasteful brand of egomaniac (if ever there is such a thing).

  • Hunter

    WOW!!! Awesome, perfect location as well..I’ll take it please!!

  • Archie

    I don’t think Chris cares whether or not we like his home…

  • Stewy

    If you’re ever in the Ritz Carlton i in SW FL take a look the that pool.

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