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  • Daniel

    Very lovely but I’d take Blairsden.

  • Grrrowler

    I love the exterior, and the bones of the interior. I think the original house is really beautiful. But, I dislike the decor in most of the rooms and think the designers that have been allowed to touch it for the home tour were more interested in being remembered than in designing something that fits the house. Fortunately that could be fixed. It’s a shame the house is now surrounded by such nondescript houses

  • NOVA Ben

    It could definitely use some love inside as far as decorating. I think a skilled and sensitive renovation/restoration could bring this up more than a few notches. Exterior is beautiful, however. Why the low price? Is this not a desirable area? 32,000 sf for $5.7 mil seems low.

    • Matt

      Morristown has rich areas but is also the ‘city’ of the area. Places like Mendham, Harding, Chatham are near and are VERY desirable

      • Kenny Forder

        I can back that up 😉

  • bigdaddyj

    A bit of trivia: the original Compton Wynyates manor house in Warwickshire was the mansion seen at the beginning of the 1980’s sitcom “Silver Spoons” with Ricky Schroder…

    I also think the price seems low for a house of that size and pedigree in Northern New Jersey & within commuting distance of NYC, even if it isn’t in one of the “best” towns, it makes me wonder what’s wrong with the place…

    • lambskin

      Old plumbing, electricals, roof, tuckpointing etc?

  • Joejoe509

    Oooooo… I really like this one. I’m not so sure about the interior, but the exterior is so charming! This is a great example of an American Tudor.

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