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  • Chance

    There may be a large space for the family’s art, but it’s clearly a house.

  • Limedaiquar

    I think it’s…..hideous?

    But the stone head in the driveway is awwweeesooommeee!

    • Jason

      haha! I was thinking I could really use a large classical head tilted onto it’s side for my own private garden.

  • Hüseyin

    Isn’t this a museum?

  • Daniel

    House or museum, it’s still hideous. The picture of the front makes it look like someone squashed the home by 10 feet or so. I honestly cannot believe this is still standing given the situation in Greece…

  • Grrrowler

    Considering that this is the only art museum I know of with a tennis court (not to mention a swimming pool), I’m guessing it’s a home that’s classified as an “art museum” in order to help Mr. Copelouzos save some money on taxes. Regardless, it’s terrible.

  • Joejoe509

    Lol. Yeah this has to be a house. I don’t doubt that it has a museum wing all to itself. This house is somehow overdone and underwhelming at the same time. It’s certainly stately and important looking. The beautiful grounds are vast and the view is fabulous. Only an egomaniac would dream up something like this. It looks like a government building of some kind. Yuck. I think this might be one of the only properties in the entire world with an actual “Olympic” pool. Get it? Mount Olympus? Haha Okay sorry bad joke… 😉 And yes I know that Mount Olympus is nowhere near Athens.

  • Onions

    Greece is in financial ruin. This guy lives there and built this huge mansion. Aaaaaaaand GO:

    • NOVA Ben

      That just made my day, thank you Onions. 😉

  • NOVA Ben

    Oh thank goodness…there are homes of fabulously poor taste in Greece too. That was keeping me up at night.

  • Tony

    This house looks cheap and the landscaping looks odd

  • Justin

    i dont care what everyone else says i love it haha

  • Chris Brandt

    Chris says:

    Classic architectur I like it !!!!

  • George

    It’s a “museum” so as not to pay Greek property taxes, which for its size could be upwards of 100k a year.

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