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  • Limedaiquar


  • Grrrowler

    Well, the setting is beautiful. I like that the land hasn’t been completely cleared to make way for a large lawn. The house itself…meh. I actively dislike the exterior, and the style of the house is at odds with the seemingly rugged surroundings. As for the interior, there are some bright spots, but it’s mostly very dated and in dire need of updating. I can see one reason why it didn’t sell before: no one wanted all those terrible furnishings. And for the record, I hate home theaters that have tickets booths. It’s a silly affectation that serves no purpose, other than maybe allowing the moviegoers to feel like “normal” people, in their 35,000 square foot house.

  • Iemand

    The ACTUAL theater is nice, the library is very nice (love the windows) but the rest? Blegh!!

    No view from the house either…

    Along with the Greece building you previously listed here, this is a disgusting piece of work.

  • Sam

    I’m not sure I like the house itself but the idea of there being no lawn area is very unique and I actually quite like it, it seems more natural and private however a setting like this would suite a more contemporary home with glass walls…

    • Joejoe509

      Yeah… or at least have ONE floor above the canopy of trees?

  • Hunter

    I love the setting, the exterior and the indoor pool. That’s a pretty cool theme. The rest of the house interior is really great, but the furnishings and style are dated and I would change those for sure. If I could afford this estate, then I could def afford to hire some lumberjacks and create a view of the lake. Plus I’d have a big supply of firewood after that. I’d also build a helicopter pad and landing strip. I’d also create a huge outdoor pool area complete with grotto and slide, with views of the lake of course. Also tennis court and putting green. With 80 acres and a boatload of ching, you could really make this a spectacular palace in the woods.

    • Jeff P.

      I like your thinking!

  • Daniel

    While I’m all for lush landscaping, this looks like someone dropped it from a plane in the middle of the forest and called it a day. Interior looks like a 99-cent version of The Manor. Price is HAHAHAH!

    • NOVA Ben

      Well you saved me from the effort of making my own comment. Well put.

  • Oliver

    I like the private setting on the lake, however it sucks that there are no lake views. Exterior is ugly, interior has good areas. I really like the library.

  • Tay

    I actually like the interior. Can they chop down some trees lol..?

  • Jeff P.

    I love the hell out of that library and I think what they did with the indoor pool is really nice.


  • Joejoe509

    Hmmm. Well I kinda like the “plopped in the forest” idea except I think I would still like to have some sort of back yard leading to the water – even just a narrow strip of grass. I would say my biggest complaint with this mentality is the lack of views to the water. Buuuut then you lose some privacy so whatever. Maybe just… I don’t know thin out some trees so that you might catch a glimpse or two of water?

    The whole thing is dated – inside and out. The exterior isn’t too bad and with a minor facelift to bring it to the 2000’s I think we’ll be alright. The windows are fabulous! The interior however… there’s potential here for sure. With an awesome designer and a large budget, this place could possibly jump up into my top 20 favorite homes.

    The foyer is blah and it needs the most work. The garden themed seating area is a great space, but needs to be completely redone inside. The indoor pool is really neat! I think it needs a little toning down, but I really like it! I agree with Grrrowler that ticket booths can be too silly and they aren’t very functional. But this one is done right. I like it. At least there’s no manequin. Yeesh. The home theater itself strikes a good balance between fancy and practical. If anything, I might replace the chairs. I prefer to throw in a couch or two for snuggling. Except for some furnishings, the family room and the library are top notch! VERY nice! Other than that, the other rooms are either ugly or boring. I wish we had more pictures of the master suite! 5,000 sq ft and 7 rooms in itself? Hell yeah! I like the sound of that! As it stands, this house is very memorable but it fails to be one of my favorites.

  • ZigZagBoom

    LOL. In a blog post years ago about hideous magamansions, this was the one I described as looking like a cross between the Palace of Versailles and a Motel 8. Absolutely, freakin’ hideous.

  • James

    How many timed should i say ewwww???!!!

  • Joseph

    I’m not sure if I like this or not. Even though it is very large, it has a mcmansion feel to it. The home itself has a contemporary feel to it, yet it also resembles second empire architecture. It reminds me of a larger scale of many eclectic homes I’ve seen built in the 1980’s, it feel contemporary yet classic. The interior is very nice in my opinion, yet I dislike the foyer because it feels very spartanistic, which contrasts it from the rest of the house.

  • Chris

    I’ve actually been to this property on the outside only. It is SO secluded that it’s nearly undetectable from the roads. There are tall barbed wire topped black fence surrounding the entire property. The front of the property has at least one other home, possibly more that prevent access to the lake. I always thought that perhaps there was a view once you were inside, but apparently not. My husband and I had been endlessly interested in this property but were unable to find any information about it until recently. I can’t think of any reason to own a home that large or that ostentatious. Nice to be able to see the inside here on line though! Now I’m not so interested!

  • Tonia

    I think it is lovely, but all the comments stated seem to hate it….I loved how each room had its own personality without losing the integrity of the home:-)

  • sean

    Isn’t this David or Charles Koch’s home?

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