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  • weisser

    Number 7 (Bill Morgan’s residence) is the best. It’s fantastic.

  • Hugh

    #7 is amazing

  • Brian

    I agree that #7 is very interesting and would like to see more. But Mansion #1 looks to be authentic Victorian. I have a hard time accepting that it is modern, as the design is more sophisticated and aesthetically correct than almost any contemporary architect could produce.

  • Limedaiquar

    Picture #7, I gotta see more of it…I hope there’s like a pool and lawn somewhere off the picture.

    I like the homes in picture #8, but they’re like right across the street from some ugly suburb….whatever.

  • Hüseyin
  • george

    The house in pictures 5 and 6 looks like a commercial building. I am not sure which side is the front. I would say this id the ugliest house to date, but, it does not look enough like a house to qualify.

  • Daniel

    Picture 8 is my favorite.

  • Joejoe509

    I don’t see a single one that stands out to me at all. Not that they are bad… I just don’t have a favorite worth mentioning.

    Mansion #3 gave me a chuckle. I think I’ve seen something similar on “The Sims”. Ha ha. The garages are so far away from the house! The porte-cochere on the side of the house is probably where you’re going to leave your car 90% of the time for convenience. The turrets are laughable and look tacked on like the rest of this terrible castle theme. I could build this with contruction paper and cardboard in less than an hour.

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