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  • Marcus

    I really like both the exterior and interior of this home. Love the round aquarium in picture #6.

  • Daniel

    Hmm. Something about the interior that is not quite right. Exterior looks nice.

  • Nick


    In Roswell…

    • Kenny Forder

      LOL yes, I’ll agree with you on that one 🙂

  • Joejoe509

    Just the opposite… I don’t much like the exterior. It’s nice enough I suppose, just not my style. It looks kinda dated – like early 2000’s. The interior is comfortable, but not super amazing. Based off the interior alone, I could see myself living in something like this. I do agree with Daniel. There’s something funky about it though. I think maybe it reminds me a lot of a hotel for some reason. Unfortunately I think some of the interior appointments are also slightly dated – again early 2000’s. Seems as how it took 2.5 years to build and it was finished The kitchen is a little odd. But it’s all pretty nice and the amenity list is very extensive! Although I have ZERO need for a salon, I might convert it into a massage room or something.

    I really like the office and the home theater. Other than the cherry wood, I like the bathroom.

  • Limedaiquar

    I feel that almost all high end homes in Georgia just take an architectural style and just completely butcher it inside and out. This just doesn’t feel neoclassical to me. It doesn’t look like it’s been there for 100 years. Looks dated on the outside. (Maybe it’s the brick, it needs to be way darker)

  • Sam

    I think everyones just about covered what I was thinking, this house is a nice treat having seen some ugly and cheap looking colonials recently.

  • Grrrowler

    I love the pool area, I like the exterior, and I hate the interior. The interior looks like what you’d expect to find in a spec-built McMansion with very generic details and styling. On top of that, I can’t stand the furnishings. I’m also very surprised that it doesn’t boast anything (sorry Kenny, I couldn’t resist!)

  • NOVA Ben

    I think I have to side with Grrrowler on this one…I love the pool area and really don’t mind the rest of the exterior at all, but the interior I’m not so fond of. There are individual spaces I quite like, such as the library and the home theater, but generally it does indeed come across as spec-built in feel. The twin-staircase foyer with gaping 2-story great room beyond is particularly Toll Brothers in feel, and the Master bedroom is beyond underwhelming. For me, I’ll wander around outside and enjoy myself, just don’t invite me in.

  • rob

    There is nothing in this house that is new and interesting. I’ve seen all this before and seen it done better. Pretty blah if you ask me.

  • Lonnie

    I love the waterfall that’s built into the wall in the dinning room.

  • Eagle Man

    More of the same — just more of it. Where’s the bowling alley? There should be something more than an area for a pool table and theater. How many really use the theater when there’s a big screen in all the family areas, where people actually gather? Most interesting, all this time and money, but the elevator was left out of the plans. Today, elderly parents and or a handicapped relative stays or visits. An elevator allows for enjoyment of the whole house. I’ll pass (and I’m actively looking in the Atlanta area).

    • Teddi

      It has an elevator that goes to all three floors as well as the attic.

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