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  • Grrrowler

    I saw this on Wednesday. Very sad…it was a beautiful house.

  • Daniel


    There are sooo many other homes I would pay to see burn down to the ground, but it always seems the nicest ones and the TRULY historic ones are the ones that fall.

    • NOVA Ben

      My sentiments exactly. All of the thousands upon thousands of McMansions out there and it had to be something like this. Heartbreaking.

  • Joejoe509

    Very sad! I hope there’s at least a small portion that can be saved and rebuilt.

    • Barney

      Oh, you dream beautifully :-((((

  • Limedaiquar

    Oh, it was beautiful!

  • sam

    Wonderful floor plan.

  • Sam

    Expensive house that’s been on the market a while, neighborhood where rich folks tear down nice homes and put up ridiculously larger homes and catch a lot of flack for it..I would not want to be the owner of this property. Suspicions will be coming from every direction.

  • Barney


    OH GOD….Kenny, I was gonna’ ask you if you were SURE that Trumbauer designed this palace but after looking at the floorplans and what the rooms, were originally called, I know you’re right. I WISH I could stop adoring historic, beautiful homes and cherishing them for their beauty…..then I wouldn’t have to eternally endure HORRIBLE news like this. To me, this is the architectural/design/physical maniifestation/equivalent of YET ANOTHER exceedingly rare, beauftiful, delicate and threatened animal being killed. AWFUL.

  • Barney

    My misery is clearly described above….a loss above MOST losses…..HORRIBLE. This, to me, this is exactly like one of my absolute favorite animals in the world, like an incredibly endangered white rhino or Silverback Gorilla being killed by *#%!@%! poachers. However, if you guys have the MEGA patience to sit through the entire showing video (it’s bitrate is PITIFUL….enough stops & starts to compare with an L.A. freeway) you’ll see something ALMOST as AWFUL as the house burning down. Of course, though, the house was breathtakingly stunning :-(((((. Read on…..

    In the video to be shown ALL OVER THE WORLD for a home that’s TRULY exquisite, historical and impeccable, elegant and UTTERLY IRREPLACEABLE, and for sale at FIVE MILLION NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, whomever was in charge of the filming……….


    If I live to a MILLION years old, I’ll NEVERRRRRR understand how that happened. I’d be glow-in-the-dark LIVID if I were the owner.

  • Barney

    Sorry ’bout the repeat…though my first post didn’t make it successfully.

    • Oliver

      I hear ya man, to lose a Horace Trumbauer original is a truly, truly sad thing. It makes me sick that this house is destroyed and even if it were rebuilt it will never be the same. I hate when old masterpieces like this are destroyed :(((

  • Jason

    what a loss…H. Trumbauer is one of the best of the American architect’s who practiced classical architecture. he rivaled his European counterparts and was a master in America. I recommend everyone one here buy the his monograph put out by Acanthus press. it’s brilliant and well photographed with most homes having floor-plans too. I have the original and am contemplating buying the new one with added houses and photos.

    • Oliver

      Thanks for the book recommendation!! I’ve just added the new edition to my wish list 🙂

      Also amazon wants between $195 – $395 for an original copy like yours, yet they’re only offering $3.95 for a trade-in…. hmm… new edition it is!

  • lambskin

    I wonder what the cause of the fire was.

  • Edward

    It’s been a week but the cause of fire still hasn’t been determined. State fire officials have now been called in to help with the investigation.

    The Radnor Township fire marshal says he does not consider the mansion to be a total loss, so I’m praying the house can somehow be restored!

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