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  • Daniel

    I love the mill work throughout. The foyer and dining room details are exceptional.

    • Kenny Forder

      I absolutely love the dining room! Pure elegance!

  • Limedaiquar

    Aahh, finally a nice home in one of my favorite locations. Its gawgous, gawgous I tell you.

    • Kenny Forder

      LOL gawgeous indeed!

  • Grrrowler

    I love the whole thing, inside and out. I like that the interior is a more modern take on a traditional Greenwich house. I can’t help but notice the complete lack of any artwork on the walls; that would be one thing I would change immediately.

  • NOVA Ben

    A beautiful home. Exterior could use some shutters, but is very elegant as-is. Interior looks to be of fabulous quality. Overall it’s fairly predictable for a Greenwich estate, but pretty nonetheless.

  • rob

    Beautiful home. I could have told you where it was from the first picture. Just another beautifully done classic Georgian in Greenwich. Greenwich is pretty predictable at this point. Does anyone know if the town has fixed building codes stating the style of houses that can be built? I would love to see something crazy and disturbing built in Greenwich.

    • george

      In Greenwich if you ever want to re sell your house it must conform to this style.

  • Sam

    wow its so fresh and original looking! I’d love to buy a house like this!

  • Nick

    Unimaginably boring/dull interior.

  • Tony

    This is a nice house, but am I the only one who notices that there is a bed in the closet? First I found it odd that there was a sofa or settee in the closet because it is right in front of the shoe closet and blocking the view on the shoes but then I got over that, but if you look directly across from the sofa (settee) you can see what appears to be a bed??? why is there a bed in the closet?

    • Joejoe509

      Yeah… I don’t know. It’s hard to tell without seeing it in person. Maybe it’s not as bad as the picture shows. I don’t mind having a small bed in the closet, really. My wife likes to have me in the room and attentive when she’s getting ready so I can tell her when she looks nice. So it might be beneficial to have a nice place to relax while she takes hours to get ready. 😉 That said, I don’t think a bed is necessary and this closet (or at least this view) makes the closet seem too small for such an amenity. If it were possible, a simple window seat (or a larger sofa) would probably be more space efficient. The couch/settee can stay. It’s nice to have a place to put on your shoes and such.

      • Tony

        I am starting to think that maybe this is not a closet, maybe it is a bedroom with closet space along the walls of the bedroom, I have seen this before, if you look at websites like “closetsbydesign” or whatever they have an option to do this, but usually this is done in smaller homes that dont have space for a huge walk in closet so they add huge closet space along the walls of the bedroom so you have more closet space, but a house of this size should have just been built with huge walk-in closets connected to the bedrooms, it doesnt make sense to build a home this big and then have closet space overpowering the bedroom though

  • Doug

    It looks like a Chaise Longue in the closet rather than a bed.

    • Tony

      well i thought that maybe it was possibly some sorta chaise too, but it looks as if there is a mirror behind the shoe closet, if you look in the reflection you can see the bed and the headboard of the bed, so it definitely seems to a bed cause a chaise wouldn’t have a headboard lol

  • Joejoe509

    Oh man… Kenny you’re disrupting my top faves! This house is nearly perfect inside and out. Yes, it’s the typical Greenwich home but only because it’s a prime example for all others to imitate. If I had to stretch and come up with a complaint, it would be that it is a tad boring in certain areas. It could use a slight dash of color here and a pinch of pizzazz there. Like Grrrowler said, maybe some artwork would help. Otherwise, this lands in my top 10 for sure. Thanks Kenny!

  • Tony

    another thing I noticed, the backsplash in the kitchen is a hot mess!!! that dark tan backsplash does not match the bright white cabinetry or the gray-ish colored granite counter tops, the cabinets would need to be a beige or brown type of color to go with that dark tan colored backsplash, white cabinetry and gray-ish colored granite would fit better with a gray-ish colored backsplash, I know this seems petty but that backsplash ruins the whole kitchen

  • Brian

    Only a 2-car garage? And as part of the facade? That’s a fairly major drawback without major reconstruction.

    • NOVA Ben

      I believe there’s an additional garage around the side, directly below the 2-car front-load. You can see a driveway that drops down around the side and leads to it.

      • Brian

        I noted the side drive but am not yet convinced it leads to additional garages. If there was a street address we could probably get a Google side view. The listing is mum on garage count.

  • Tony

    One more thing, the wainscoting looks like it is done in a cheap way, it looks like they just ordered a wainscoting kit online and added crown molding along the bottom and top and corners of the walls and then applied wainscoting “squares” all over the wall in a fancy pattern, that’s a cheap way of doing it, what should have been done in a house of this size and price point was have custom moldings made to fit the entire wall from floor to ceiling, if you look at a home like Le Belvedere for example you will see that the entire wall is covered in molding instead of having a bunch of squares strategically placed all over the wall to give the illusion that the entire wall is covered

  • Tony

    I noticed the front facing garage too but I got over it after noticing that it is isolated to the side of the house and covered by bushes and shrubbery so you dont really see it as you are approaching the house, also I would assume there is probably more garaging towards the back of the house that we can’t see, but I agree, the garaging on a house of this stature should not be facing the front and if there is only two garages on a home this size then that is a major mistake, it should have garaging for 6 cars, 4 car garaging would be the bare minimum, but I would say 6 should be standard on a house this size

    • NOVA Ben

      I would guess the two-car is the garage they use for the vehicles they use on a daily basis…it’s up on the main floor and is probably easy to get to. As I said to Brian above, there appears to be an additional garage under the visible one, at basement level, accessed from the side.

  • Tay

    The address is 135 Taconic Road, Greenwich ct. There is a 5 car garage, 3 under on the side. There is a house behind this that is the exact same, almost a copy, that were built around the same time. Look at the BEV and youll see the resemblance. Back before 2007 you could build anything, anywhere in Greenwich and it would sell for rediculous sums which explains this builders rationale for the twin copies since this was built back in 2001.

    • Iemand

      Great, you buy a mansion worth $17.5 MILLION dollars….then your neighbours have got the same one…

      Well that’s nice…


      Ontopic: the aerial view is amazing at first, but then a thought:
      – Why does the tennis court has it’s own driveway?? Shared with the neighbours…

  • Jeff P.

    Needs more white.

  • lambskin

    Ilove this house-especially the foyer.

  • Joseph

    This thing is beautiful. I love the stonework, but why is the interior all white?

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