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  • Daniel

    This is very pretty inside and out. Love it. Looks like a very prestigious street as well. Only question is are those garages full size? They look a bit narrow.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s beautiful all around. The interior is a little too strictly traditional for me, but it works in this house, and it’s extremely well done. I love the back yard, although a lap pool would make it even better.

    Kenny, your link to the listing isn’t a link, so I went out to find more about it on my own. There are more interior pics here: http://www.homevisit.com/tour/mrisTour.asp?id=36979. Those pics are also a great example of how poorly lit photos can make even a nice house look bad.

    • Kenny Forder

      Oops, sorry!

    • Joejoe509

      Ooooo Thanks for the additional pics! 🙂

      Honestly I should have looked at them before leaving my first comment. I’m not so thrilled with the interior anymore. Kenny obviously posted the best pics. Half of the rooms are boring as hell. Some of them are downright terrible like the leopard print floor in the bathroom. Wow. The kitchen is alright but could have been better. Sometimes older homes have questionable kitchens so I guess I could let that slide. I’ve seen mediocre apartments with a better home office. SOOOOO boring, but at least it’s comfortable. The additional pictures of the grounds are really nice. I still love the master bedroom. Yummy. Still a VERY nice house and it’s still pretty comfortable looking. A decent designer could spruce up the less fancy rooms a bit and it would be a solid winner.

  • Limedaiquar

    I’m a sucker for Georgian/Federal. And this is absolutely gorgeous.

    • lambskin

      Me too.

  • Randy

    If you lived here, you could walk 2 doors away and borrow sugar from Hilary Clinton

    • NOVA Ben

      Or get shot trying to borrow sugar from Hilary Clinton 😉

  • Sam

    Love it!, The entrance could have been a little more dramatic for such an imposing residence. The interior is very classy, I can imagine this home being well suited for a retired couple. The master bedroom reminds me of some of the pottery barn showrooms. All in all a good house!

  • WrteStufLA

    And because this short, dead-end street is basically lined with homes of various ambassadors — not to mention Secretary of State Clinton — it’s got to be one of the safest streets in Washington.

    • Joejoe509

      Or one of the most dangerous depending on how you look at it. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere near an important city like DC let alone 2 doors down from Clinton.

  • Jeff P.

    I grew up in a much smaller house built and decorated in this same style, and I’m over it. Probably shows a lack of taste on my part, but I would take even one of the average looking faux-meds over this home. It just leaves me cold.

  • Joejoe509

    Very nice house!! There’s not too much to complain about here. The exterior is nice, but nothing mind blowing. No complaints though. I’m not fond of the marble foyer – it’s a little too cold for my tastes but I could live with it. And some of the rooms are a bit too stuffy like an old lady’s home. But it’s all VERY nice and it looks very comfortable even with the old furniture. The interior is by far my most favorite part with the master bedroom being the best room of the house. I absolutely LOVE that grey wallpaper. WOW! This won’t quite make it into my top faves but it certainly is inspirational for a very traditional home. 🙂

  • NOVA Ben

    Gorgeous home, inside and out. The only complaints I have about the home are more than excused by the fact that it’s a historic home…the lack of sufficient garage space and pool, namely. The interior is decorated tastefully and correctly for the type of home it is and is very elegant. When I came across this listing I thought for sure that it had been used as an embassy, but when I saw the interior pics I found out I was wrong. It IS situated right in the middle of several other embassies though, so it’s in good company, and fits right in. The location is unbeatable and with some minor touching up inside, it’ll be even more spectacular.

  • Iemand

    I can’t find a single fault with this one, I love it inside and out (maybe the interior needs some tweaking but that happens anyway).

    Oh wait, I can find a fault with this home: it’s not mine 😉

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