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  • Limedaiquar

    Beautiful views beautiful picture of the living room. But where does my staff sleep? And if I had kids MAN would they hate those tiny rooms with the miniscule closets.

    • NOVA Ben

      I was thinking the same thing. At this price point and size, I’d expect ample staff quarters and adequately sized bedrooms. Other than the master and that second suite that’s 15 X 20, those are cramped bedrooms.

  • BOY, you got that right, Lime! Let’s get the obvious outta’ the way……’s breathtaking, stunning, mind-boggling views, incredible appointments, TRULY astounding commercial-sized kitchen, PSYCHOTICALLY OVERPRICED, blah, blah, blah. But I see a couple of HUGE screw-ups here……for what looks like basically two, even-sized floors that are roughly 5,000 sq. ft. each, on the first, there are ONLY TWO half baths, and one of ’em is the SERVICE BATHROOM?!?!? I MEAN what will Mitzi Von Mucho Money and Biff Big Bucks and Tillie Trust Fund DO when they’ve all had too much Cristal and pâté and ALL have to go to the throne at the SAME time?!?! GAWD, it’d be a Social Secretary’s Sin! Lol…….then, the second floor! Seriously, talk about WASTE! Her master bath and “fitted” dressing room are HORRIBLY laid out. Her bath tub is a ridiculous room ’cause there NUTHIN’ else but the tub in the whole thing and here closet/dressing looks just like a mish mash of fits and starts with no comprehensive plan, especially the sitting that should’ve absolutely been another bedroom. And the rear bedrooms are really pitifully small. In a different altered, unbalanced reality, if I had that kind of GIGA-fortune and actually would spend it ALL on ONE domecile to live in, I sure as HELL would do it from scratch to have MY PERFECT palace down to the last square inch.

    • Jeff P.

      LOLOL awesome comments. 🙂

  • Grrrowler

    The location is superb, and I would prefer this over anything on Central Park West (I’m not a West Side kinda guy). Of course the views are absolutely amazing. The price is just silly. I’m sure another Russian billionaire will decide he needs this for his pet llama or something and pay full asking price. The bedrooms in the southwest corner on the 2nd floor must be staff rooms, considering their size and the fact that they’re adjacent to the laundry room. It’s odd to have an almost 11,000 square foot apartment with only two bedrooms, but I don’t really mind that. I’ve said for years that I’d rather have fewer larger rooms, and I hate houses/apartments that shoehorn a warren of little rooms into a lot of square footage. If this were my apartment, I’d keep the layout and buy a smaller two bedroom apartment elsewhere in the building. Privileged guests could get the 2nd floor bedroom, but others could use the guest house.

    Barney: In free-standing houses of this size, it’s not unusual to have only one powder room near the public rooms. Granted, in this apartment someone would have a long walk from the dining room to the powder room on the east side of the building. As for “her” bathroom, I’m guessing the empty space is for a chaise lounge, dressing table, etc. Space is the ultimate luxury, especially in a New York highrise apartment.

  • NOVA Ben

    Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I will NEVER understand NYC real estate. That aside, the floorplan actually looks decently laid out to me, other than the dearth of bedrooms, as Lime initially pointed out. I’d like to see more pics of the interior, perhaps they are forthcoming. The price is, of course, delusional.

  • Doug

    Personally I think this is spectacular, and I base my opinion solely on the floor plan. Those of you who are not from NYC or the NY metro area simply can’t understand how superb the layout is, and just how much effing space there is. Sure it has it’s flaws, the issue of the powder room being so far, and the small size of two of the bedrooms. To me those are two minor issues, (minor in new York city real estate, and also in pretty much any major metropolitan area), and these two issues are more than made up for with all the pluses. In new York, and for that matter any major city where space is so limited regardless of price, the size and number of “public/entertaining” rooms is much more important than bedroom size or the nearest bathroom. This is especially true in this price point because someone in the market for an apartment like this will undoubtedly do lots of entertaining for charity and business. The public spaces of this apartment are not rivaled by any apartment at 15 CPW, any co-op on fifth avenue, and the only place on park avenue that can compete is Steve schwarzman’s triplex at 740 park.

    The living room and dining room are huge, they’re bigger than the living rooms and dining rooms in almost any 10,000 square foot home, yet they’re in an apartment. One feature that is highly desirable and that most people don’t understand the value of in NYC is the media room. Most people outside of new York don’t realize that the “library” in manhattan apartments is the tv watching room, in addition to office/study. So essentially in even the most expensive apartments in ny the library is nothing more than a glorified den/study and serves a purpose very similar to that of the suburban “family room” or “great room. This purpose being the less formal living area for reading, watching tv and movies etc. The addition of the media room in this apartment ensures a dedicated space for tv/movies, thus freeing up the library to solely be an entertaining space, and reading/office space.

    As to the size of the kitchen, two things. 1) many people will not realize that the kitchen is massive by NYC standards, despite it’s narrowness. 2) whoever purchases this apartment, or any apartment of this caliber, simply does not care about the size/layout of the kitchen. All they want is that it’s functional and state of the art. The reason being that no person this wealthy will ever, and I mean ever, cook their own meals or do their own dishes. So the kitchen in this context is really just a place for the help to work.

    As to those of you who think its way over priced, unfortunately you’re wrong. The sale of sandy weil’s place for $88m, means that if anything this place is a “good” deal. It’s slightly less than twice the size of the weil’s place, has equal views, and is located in a building with way more services than 15 cpw. In this place you have access to all the ritz Carlton facilities including, room service, 5 star restaurants at you’re finger tip, literally an elevator ride away. And as to the location, I’m going to have to take the opposite stance as Growwwler, I would prefer this place more (as would most new Yorkers) if it were on central park west or fifth ave. idk if you lived or have ever lived in the city growwwler, but this location is only superb if you are a tourist. For this kind of money most new Yorkers would prefer to be further uptown on either the east or west side in a more exclusively residential area. Central park south, and for that matter, this entire part of the city is simply jam-packed and crammed with tourists to capacity. And living amongst tourists constantly gets old very, very fast. Especially if you can afford to live somewhere uptown where the tourists don’t go.

  • Daniel

    I would have taken the (former) Weil residence.

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