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  • Limedaiquar

    Nice house.

  • Hugh

    Icy cool

    Reminds me a bit of Neverland with the style and lake

  • Daniel

    I love it. The dark and foreboding exterior goes well with the formal interior. Living room is very lovely. If this was in a more traditional old money location I’d call it a top-10 home.

  • lambskin

    Beautiful and timeless. But the location is not my first choice. No Pool?

    • george

      If it took 15 years to build the house, the pool should take at least another 7.

  • Grrrowler

    Looking at the aerial shots, I expected the worst. Surprisingly, it’s quite nice. It reminds me of a grand mansion from the last gilded age, and looks as if it could age very well. The interior is nicely restrained, and actually homey feeling.

  • Joejoe509

    Much like Grrrowler, I completely dismissed this house judging only by the pictures above until I read the comments. After seeing the pictures on the website, even the exterior is actually pretty nice! I’m not sure it’s top-10 material but it’s definitely memorable. There wasn’t much about the interior to rip on. It’s all very nice and very expensive looking. They retained that “old-world” look, but at the same time it looks very comfortable.

    I’m not sure what it is about the exterior that I’m not fond of. Maybe that it looks cookie cutter from the aerial view or that it’s just too sprawling for my tastes. Anyhoo… Overall I like this house, but for some reason I just can’t get excited about it.

  • Nightmoves

    Love the stone work.

  • Doug

    Its a real nice house, but there’s absolutely no way it’s 48,000 square feet unless you count every available square inch including, terraces, closets and attic. But I’m sorry if it took 15 years to complete something is fishy. If they’re saying 15 years for everything, including out buildings, landscaping, and that lake then I could maybe believe it. But there’s no way it should take even 5 years to complete that house, I’ve seen several homes of equal or greater size and quality finished in 2 years.

  • Sam

    This is one of those houses that looks good from every angle in my opinion. It is the perfect size (maybe a little too big) and I like houses with huge living rooms overlooking the water.

    • Sam

      Also, I would love to see floor plans to this house if anybody knows of any or has seen any.

      • Limedaiquar

        The first floor is on the architect’s website.

  • Kyle

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the exterior, but the interior is rather “eh” to me. I mean it’s nice, but not my style. For once I would like see one of these stone exterior homes with a luxurious wooden interior, like something the interiors of a Mohammed hadid home, but British (sort of like Clive Christian on the interior).

  • Ellen

    Hopefully it’s a HOME not just a massive house for you. Enjoy it – your pizza is good… this coming from a transplanted Wooster Street Sally and Pepe’s native…lol

    Do the homes featured in this picture belong to your family members as well. If so that is truly wonderful.. to have everyone that close.

    ok – now.. story mentioned the Bush’s, I bleed red white and and love both of them – it’s on my bucket list to meet them! Let me know.. when they come into town.. 🙂 MISS THEM SO VERY MUCH – our country needs it’s FATHER figure back! Lord have mercy on us all with this guy in office.

  • Oliver

    @Ellen, I sincerely hope you’re not talking about Obama when you say “Lord have mercy on us all with this guy in office”…. Obama is 10X the president Bush will ever be. Bush fucked our country from the start, he was a worthless president, buried us in debt, and only ever did what his dear old daddy couldn’t finish… The day Bush was elected president and the following 8 years were, and forever will be a stain on our country. On top of that I am offended that you would call that man our “Father Figure”… GET REAL WOMEN! That man was a joke! Besides ACT like the neighbor of the owner of this house is going to see your comment, find your e-mail address and actually invite you the next time those vomit inducing Bush’s come into town…

    Now, to get back to more IMPORTANT matters, this house is spectacular! I love the sheer size and magnificence of this sprawling compound. Love the use of stone and the floor plan layout is solid too. After seeing more exterior and interior pics i have to say this might just be my new favorite house in the country!

  • Samantha Jones

    I have driven past this mansion many times, I am in love with it. It sits on a corner. It is hard to see because the landscaping hides it well, there is a wooded area along one side and a big hill on the other. If you want to get a good peak you have to go through an addition behind it (a very wealthy addition I might add). You can see the horse stables and the “maids quarters” from the addition as well. It is really difficult to get a good up close look at it, which is what they intended I’m sure. They decorate their gate with big beautiful Christmas bows around the holidays and they put a candle in each window facing the lake. I would love to get an inside look at the house. The area it’s in is very very private! most houses are gated and have long driveways. It is sad that construction cost him 35M and his house is only estimated to be worth 5M. It all goes along with area though, It is Fort Wayne, IN not Beverly Hills. Even if he decided he wanted to sell the house, no one in the area would ever be able to afford it. He would basically end up giving it away. A beautiful home like this is more than a house, it is a true piece of art work. the architect did an amazing job. I have looked at houses all over the world and this house is one of a kind, truly amazing. My absolute favorite.

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