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  • Sam

    I agree these photos make the house look slightly better, but still a bit more landscaping is needed. I also wish they used cobble paving for the driveway, it would have made such a difference, at the moment it looks like a playground, all the skid-marks are going to show up so easily..

  • Grrrowler

    It still gets a big no vote from me. I’m not sure there is enough flattering lighting available to make me like this.

  • Daniel

    Those black doors used for the front entry still look crappy.

  • James

    Its still uguly no matter how much makeup you put on it

  • Iemand

    I don’t like the house, but I just LOVE the first photo.
    The lighting, the gates, the trees, the house in the back (just imagine if that house was slightly raised on a small hill).

    Just imagine driving there, going home (to that house – if it was a nice house though). Love it!

    • Kenny Forder

      Agreed! If it was hilltop, it would be 2x better.

  • NOVA Ben

    you ain’t got no alibi…

  • Jane

    I agree with Daniel. These photos are better, but the house remains as ugly as it was in the first ones.

    P. S. Daniel, if you’re passing every day near Sydell’s house, could you do a few photos of what is visible from the road, just to have a small sneak peak at that great mansion?

  • bigdaddyj

    Still hideous

  • Limedaiquar

    Another home that will be on the market for like….ever

  • Joejoe509

    Sorry Kenny… I still don’t like it much. Bloated comes to mind first. This house somehow manages to be over-the-top and boring at the same time.

  • Aussie Glen

    It’s hard to believe that some-one spent so much time and money on a house that just doesn’t quite make it . It looks to me as though some-one thought hmmmmmmm this would look good and then HMMMMMMMM perhaps this would look good ………. but it just doesn’t. It smacks a little of the monstrosity in Florida in Kirkstone Lane. The driveway definitely needs to be fixed, the window treatment is all wrong from the outside, the color and style of the roof doesn’t work and, obviously some serious landscaping is required. Will it be beautiful, hard to say, but it is fixable with the right plan and some deep pockets. The entrance could be spectacular ( think Sunset Drive ), the room with the skylight COULD be amazing with the right ceiling treatment, floor and wall enhancements. It would be an interesting project to fix.

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