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  • Matt

    the one in mendham looks like it is going to be spectacular!

    • Kenny Forder

      It sure does! 😉

      • Matt

        i cant wait to go home and see it! they have been building a lot of mega mansions on a large property off calais. i think 5 in total

        • Kenny Forder

          Sweet! I’m gonna go for a drive tomorrow and take a look 🙂

          • Matt

            post up some pics! that area became super exclusive. you can tell by the big lions heads and gate! lol

  • Joejoe509

    #3 is interesting. I would like to see a floorplan someday.

    #4 seriously looks like a shopping mall. Wow.

    #1 looks like a little village. Might be interesting.

  • Daniel

    They’re all large, and I wouldn’t want to call any of them home.

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