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  • Sam

    I dont really like wine, but needless to say I would still have one if I was a millionaire. I know they are traditionally “underground” with exposed brick walls and dark wood racks, but I prefer the modernized ones. Number 4 especially appeals to me because of its convenience, you wouldn’t have to trek down into the cellar to pick up a bottle of red for your guests and find them asleep when you come back up. Also 7 and 14 are also very classy looking. The rest don’t appeal to me as much… especially number 1 and 13, I could easily imagine a coffin fitting in nicely there.

  • Guestofaguest

    Bill Koch, billionaire wine collector has by far the nicest wine cellar I’ve ever seen
    Located at his pad in Palm Beach:

    • Daniel

      Thank you! I was just about to post it as well. House ain’t half bad either ­čśë


      • Grrrowler

        I don’t get what’s up with Bill K. and his Botero sculptures. During his 1992 America’s Cup campaign in San Diego, he brought in several Boteros to go onto the back lawn of a house he was renting. Seemed like an awful lot of effort to spruce up the lawn of a rental house.

    • NOVA Ben

      It looks like a wine library!

  • Joejoe509

    Honestly I could care less if I had a wine cellar, even in my dream home. In the end I would probably include one just in case I want one in the future or for resale value. I’m not big on wine or alcohol in general other than the occasional beer or mixed drink. So I would probably keep my “wine cellar” near the kitchen for convenience. I would likely keep other things in there like harder alcohol, beers, and maybe even soda. It’s a great way to keep it locked up so that the kids don’t have easy access. If I were to put it in the basement, it would double as a secret vault behind a hidden door.

    None of these wine cellars really appeal to me as far as my dream home. #1, #3, #4/5, and #13 are my favs here. My wine cellar would be a small-ish room behind a large, heavy wooden door with no window to see inside. I could care less if my guests see how many bottles I have and it keeps temptation down. It would serve a similar purpose that a pantry would except for a more specific function.

  • Jeff P.

    I love these, but my preference is for the vaulted stone or brick ceilings, like in #1. It’s functional too – help keeps wine at the right temperature for aging!

  • lambskin

    I always thought that those table and chairs- which usually seats only 4- seem rather isolated and lonely-hey if I am going to drink a nice bottle of wine I would rather see something else rather than bottles and bricks.

  • My Little Housing Blog

    The best winecellar I’ve seen was shown by a Danish estate agent. Built into a mountain. Vaulted ceilings and lots of volume. Close to it was a walk-in humidor with sliding doors of glass. A part of the floor was glass, you could see a part of the mountain. Probably cost a ton of money to create.

  • NOVA Ben

    I am most certainly NOT a wine connoisseur, but I thoroughly enjoy seeing the various wine cellars in these high-dollar homes. It seems to be one of those spaces in an expensive home where you can do pretty much anything and be as wild and creative as you want and not have it reflect negatively (or positively) on the rest of the home. I personally love the ones with fabulous brick or stone masonry, and ones with elegant woodwork. 1, 9, 13 and 15 are my favorites…15 because of the pressed tin ceiling, that’s a unique feature that works well for that space.

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