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  • Limedaiquar

    Love this Federal/Adam style it’s my absolute favorite, and pool must be a recent addition because when I look in Bing Maps there is no pool:


    Theatre could loose the tacky, cheap looking red seats, fake ticket booth, and gaudy frames and it would look way better to me.

    Tasting room is very tavern-ish and I guess the architect left the ceilings untouched. -__-

  • LE

    I think I’ve either seen this listing before or the home theater was in one of my AV magazines because I can still remember that creepy looking ticket taker at the entrance to the theater, however, if they throw in the $200K worth of McIntosh AV equipment I might learn to live with ‘her.’

    The house itself is just ok as far as I’m concerned. I’m kinda done with the new england colonials.

    • NOVA Ben

      I think the faux ticket booth attendant is something that shows up in a bunch of home theaters, it just seems to be one of the “things to do” when making a high-end home theater.

      That creepy bitch would be the first thing to go if I bought this place.

  • Joejoe509

    Not to be overshadowed by the previous posting this is a nice house too! 🙂

    The house is overall very nice and it’s definitely better than most colonial/traditional homes featured here. I only have small complaints and general compliments.

    This is generally comfortable looking and the materials looks to be of medium/high quality. It doesn’t look staged and the furnishing look nice. These owners had pretty good taste.

    But it’s just kind of boring and somewhat cookie cutter. This house is forgettable and doesn’t strike me as a $10M house. That theater is creepy and it’s not just the ticket booth attendant. The colors and design are a little weird.

    I like this house a lot, I’m just not in love with it.

  • Grrrowler

    This is nice, but not special. I mean, it would make a very comfortable home, but it’s somewhat nondescript both inside and out. I like that the interior is not strictly traditional and has a modern and eclectic vibe, but it’s also got no character. For almost $10 million, I’d like something a little more…unique.

    The theater is obviously the one area of the house that stands out, and I simultaneously love and hate it. It’s nice that they’ve gone for the old-timey movie palace feel, but that’s been done over and over. It’s also a flamboyant area in an otherwise understated house, and I think it’s too much. I would also have to dispose of the ticket taker and her cold dead eyes first thing. That’s just too creepy.

  • Daniel

    I actually don’t mind the ticket booth, but I agree that the dummy could go. If I was very rich I’d just have Madame Tussaud’s make a wax figure of my and I’d use that as the ticket taker. The house itself ain’t bad, but it is formulaic. I wonder why the roof’s shingles are almost gold in the last photo.

    • Joejoe509

      Lol. I didn’t even notice the gold shingles. That’s crazy… subliminal photoshopping me thinks!

    • NOVA Ben

      That is odd…makes them look like freshly installed cedar shakes.

  • NOVA Ben

    I’m starting to feel odd commenting on these CT colonials….I LOVE this architectural style, but they’re so rigid as far as what they look like that I’m always reduced to talking about the interior decor because they’re all so similar otherwise. With that said, I obviously have no problem with the exterior…it’s classic and that’s fine by me. The rest doesn’t jump out at me, other than the home theater downstairs of course. It’s fabulous, but I REALLY hate cheesy faux ticket booths, and the dummies that some people put in them are downright frightening to me. Call me a 6-year-old kid if you want, but I’d just be unsettled knowing that thing is in my basement.

  • Sam

    Beautiful interior, I really like the theater and bar area compared to some other houses this size. The outside, however, is not my style.

  • lambskin

    I hate the chandelier over the dining room table-what a pain to clean melted wax and to light and blow out the candles evertime you want to use it! Is anyone else bothered by an infinity pool on a flat piece of property? I always thought these are best for properties that overlook something such as a canyon, ocean, etc.

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