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  • Sam

    I think some more landscaping around the house would help improve its overall appearance, at the moment its looking rather bland and lifeless. The interior is quite fresh looking but some of the furnishings spell out cheap. Other than that I guess for 72 acres the price isn’t too bad…

  • Grrrowler

    The outside is missing something, but I can’t put my finger on what. More landscaping might help, but I get that the lack of landscaping is trying to mimic a traditional English country house. The interior isn’t bad; I like the mix of traditional and contemporary. It’s a nice enough house, but it just does not excite me, inside or out. It stirs no emotion whatsoever in fact.

    Actually, there is one thing that I really dislike: the fact that the pool is SO far away from the main house. That’s a long schlep to take a swim, and it’s ridiculous to drive to your own pool.

    • NOVA Ben

      You beat me to it concerning the location of the pool…it doesn’t have to be right on top of the home, but it also shouldn’t be far enough that you might consider driving there.

  • lambskin

    The exterior of the indoor tennis court is awful. Pool is pretty far away from the main house (but pool house is beautiful) and its location in the front yard is strange to me. Dining room is of nice size but the table and chairs look out of place. Kitchen is nothing special and the dual papertowel holders flanking the sink are weird.

  • Nightmoves

    I’d rather have this than Jordan’s place.

  • Sam

    “Actually, there is one thing that I really dislike: the fact that the pool is SO far away from the main house. That’s a long schlep to take a swim, and it’s ridiculous to drive to your own pool.”

    Or that’s how you know you are filthy rich, when the chauffeur has to pull up the Bentley to drive you down to the pool on your own property:) I did think about the distance, with regards to the tennis court. The reason you’d enclose the court is so you can play year around, but if you have to trudge through the snow since their is no direct walkway that would regularly get shoveled, what is the point?

    No the house does not scream spectacular, but from checking, this is how houses are in the area, understated. The windows are what’s wrong. The right ones would have done up the house real well. As far as the furniture, the problem is scale. These are big rooms with what looks to be a 10′ ceiling height and it looks like they borrowed furniture from a doll house to furnish the rooms. However, anyone spending 20 mill on a house will bring in their own furniture, but that said, for the sake of staging, so potential buyers don’t walk in and they too are thinking, something’s off, but they can’t quite grasp it, they need to go rent the right furniture/get help from an int decorator.

    We also seem to be missing a garage. The Bentley(s) should be garaged so they stay shiny longer.

  • Daniel

    I agree with Sam, the windows are the issue. Perhaps some shutter or even a different style would greatly improve it. BUT, I do think the overall structure resembles a bed and breakfast or one of those 2-star hotels that has a lobby meant to look like a mansion…think Kentucky/Tennessee, but the parts where the local Waffle House is where people have their wedding reception. The interior is much nicer, and has potential. Worst offense has to be the 99 cent metal blinds in the office.

  • NOVA Ben

    I’ll start with the good…it’s on a lot of land, which means privacy, and that’s great. The approach to the home is everything a manor home on a big piece of land should be: a long driveway through some woods that breaks out into a clearing at the end, giving you a big view of the home at the end of the driveway.

    Unfortunately the home in question is underwhelming. I agree with Daniel that shutters would help, but I also don’t like the shade of yellow that it is. The inside is utterly boring. Worst offenders inside are the master bathroom and whatever room has the ugly faux lattice-work wallpaper. I appreciate what they tried to do with a contemporary tinge to the flavor of the place, but it just doesn’t work for me overall. I’d venture to call it cheap-looking. And the placement of the pool and auxiliary buildings are unforgivable in my opinion.

  • Tony

    This house does not look like it is anywhere near 72 acres, I just don’t see it, I even looked at the home on Bing Maps to see an aerial view, Oprah’s house in Montecito is only on 42 acres and it looks like much more acreage than this, this house looks like 10 acres at best

  • BedfordRealtor

    The only thing that will truly help this house is a giant price reduction. The approach, though initially appealing, travels down to a narrow and steep drive past the industrial tennis building. There is nothing gracious or breathtaking about it – and for the price my clients want to be dazzled. The main level of the interior is okay – kitchen is small and tucked away, the bedrooms are underwhelming and there are only 4 of them on the second level. The rest of the bedrooms are in the basement for staff. The property, though large (on paper) is steep, hilly and there is not even one flat meadow for a soccer or baseball game. Agree with those above who say ‘one shouldn’t have to drive to their pool…even by golf cart’. This is another one of those properties that the agent overpromised or agreed to a price that is unrealistic. Cut the price in half (or more) and maybe the suitors will come knocking.

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