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  • Limedaiquar

    Not bad, not bad at all.

  • Chris

    Wow, would love to live here!

  • Daniel

    I must give this kudos for being traditional AND open…something that seems impossible to find in NYC. Furnishings are a little too Ethan Allen for my tastes.

  • Hugh

    Very nice

    Most homely apt Ive ever seen!

    Love the terrace

  • lambskin

    The ‘in wall’ air conditioning unit is an eyesore-and how effective can it be in that two story room full of windows?

  • Grrrowler

    First off, I LOVE Tudor City. It’s one of the most underrated and under-appreciated areas of Manhattan. The location is amazing, there is a lovely park at the center of the neighborhood, and the buildings are all architecturally interesting inside and out (and most, if not all, have doormen). The biggest downside to the buildings in the area are that there are few if any windows facing the river; when the complex was built, the riverfront was lined with slaughterhouses so the interior views were oriented toward the city. (As an aside, the former Tudor City Hotel, which is now owned by a major chain, is a lovely place to stay. The building is part of the original development and retains a lot of the character.)

    As for this apartment, I think it’s stunning. It’s one of the few homes shown on the blog that makes me feel covetous. The terrace alone is worth the asking price, and more. The interior is a great example of being up-to-date while still being traditional. It’s also not stodgy like so many traditional interiors can be.

    • Jeff P.

      I completely agree on every point you made, including the charms of Tudor City. By Manhattan real estate standards, this seems like a bargain, especially with that knockout roof terrace view.

  • Barney

    DROP DEAD GORGEOUS great room, ceiling height, windows, VIEWS (direct Chrysler building and old Pan Am building sight lines?!? OMG!) and roof top terrace!. But very sadly, it all ends there. Waaay to small for and impractical for more than two people to live in comfortably and that NANO kitchen is impossible. I’d have to demo the kitchen and dining room completely, move the dining table out into the great room, and build a new, MUCH bigger, better and MODERN kitchen in the dining room and old space it occupied put together. And since they didn’t show either of the bedrooms or baths, I guarantee you that they’re either right at the brink of “These HAVE GOT TO BE renovated!” or downright awful.

    • Daniel

      Someone give Satan a sweater for Easter. Barney actually said something was too *small*. Pardon me while I pick myself up off the floor.

      • Barney

        Har de har har. There phenomenona of “too small” has ALWAYS co-existed with its opposite of “too big”. The fact is though that 98% of the homes featured here fall into the latter category.

  • Joejoe509

    I expected to see just another apartment in NYC – big deal. But this is actually really spectacular! I’m deeply in love with the floor-to-ceiling windows. WOW! I wish we had more pictures, but the rest of the interior seems restrained which is probably a good thing. It might stray on the side of boring here and there but it’s hard to tell. Like Grrrowler said, the terrace alone is worth the price. The views are worthy of a romantic comedy movie set. 😉 I have to agree with Barney. I bet the kitchen is a bit small for world class cooks. But don’t most people in NYC eat out most nights anyway?

    Speaking of Grrrowler – thanks for the history info! I love that stuff! 🙂

  • James

    It looks a little cramped maby if it was more open???

  • James

    you know like open up the dining and kitchen so the kitchen feels bigger and some hoe make the master bath bigger??? and what is that space between the master bedroom and the stair case?

    • Oliver

      I believe that would most likely be the elevator tower.

  • richvanc

    WOW yes! a bargain in this location, and thank you Grrrowler for the brief history lesson! So perhaps the kitchen/bedrooms/bathrooms need a reno’ it’s still worth it! And yeah, Barney did say something was too small! LOL!
    But this IS NYC…what did you expect! 😉

  • Oliver

    I gotta say this is one of the first NYC apartments I’ve seen that i really liked for the price. As previously mentioned several times, the price is worth it for the rooftop terrace alone, I’m sure the views are amazing! Also as mentioned this place seems a little cramped in the kitchen area, not to mention that the only bathroom on the main floor is literally sharing a wall with the kitchen…. GROSS

    I would definitely have to move that bathroom to the wall on the living room, and make one large kitchen/dining room.

    other than that this place seems like a steal!

  • Oliver

    Also, KENNY… why can’t we go from post to post from the comments page anymore??? Its a chore having to go back to the listings everytime, then click on comment, then back to the listings again.

    • Kenny Forder

      Huh? I don’t understand :-/

      • Chance

        He’s saying it’s to difficult for him to push the “back” button….

        • Kenny Forder

          Ah, I see.

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