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  • Kenny Forder

    Love the kitchen! It’s very well done and I really like the island sink! =)

    • Limedaiquar

      Yes, I absolutely love the kitchen.

  • Limedaiquar

    Beautiful! But the master bedroom is so boring. And ofcourse all the house is beige.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s a lot of beige in one place, but in this setting I think it works. I actually quite like the whole thing in general. The exterior is a nice version of a hacienda, and I appreciate that it’s not been surrounded by sweeping green lawns. I would actually consider getting rid of the lawn in front and replacing it with indigenous plants and rocks. The interior has some nice details, but I would change out the furnishings to make it more rustic-looking. When I see this place I envision a “converted mission” look, and the current furnishings are a little too precious for that. I do give the owner/decorator/staging lady credit for good use of colorful artwork to break up the beige. All that said, Arizona is one of the last places I would choose to live.

  • Joejoe509

    I was pleasantly suprised! This is quite nice! Like others have said it’s a little beige but somehow it’s not terrible. That kitchen is definitely delicious… wow! There are some cookie cutter areas that remind me of a hotel or resort – and not really in a good way – but it’s not blatant and I’m sure it looks better in person. It’s hard to tell, but I think the rooms might be too large. There’s a lot of awkward blank spaces that the furnishings can’t quite fill. Proportion, people, proportion!

    I’m sure it’s quiet, but I would never purchase a house in an area like this. I would wake up depressed because I live in a desert that resembles the surface of Mars. Gross.

    • NOVA Ben

      Master bathrooms seem to consistently be the worst offenders for being very LARGE areas that seem to waste space. This home is a good case in point…I realize that part of the reason for having any very large space in a home is to make a statement, but the master bath is perhaps the most private area in anyone’s home. So if there’s any room in the whole home that should cater solely to comfort as opposed to the impression it gives people, it ought to be the master bath! Personally, I’d rather my PRIVATE bathroom be cozy, enveloping and functional, not as big as a warehouse and decked out in ballroom chandeliers! It IS possible to be elegant without being big and brash.

      • Joejoe509

        Exactly… a few well placed half walls or rugs could make a giant space feel more cozy. Houses like this are more difficult to fill and I’m not into that…

  • Jeff P.

    I LOVE this house, but it could use some more color, as others have pointed out. And, I hate the desert.

  • Daniel

    Not bad. The living room could have been bigger and the windows are oriented the wrong way. Not really crazy about the swirled Fro-Yo columns either.

  • NOVA Ben

    This is surprisingly appealing to me. Like Grrrowler, AZ is one of the last places in the country I’d choose to live, but this home gets closer to getting under my skin than most other AZ and NM homes we’ve seen. I just wish that some of these owners/designers would embrace the fact that beige and variations on brown are NOT the ONLY rustic-looking colors available to them. Overbearing beige-ness aside, this is really a nice home. That kitchen is fabulous.

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