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  • Sam

    78 million dollar property in Montana?! Will be quite interesting to see how long this stays on the market, and how much further it gets marked down.

  • dumbfounded

    that has to be the least “montana” like home to ever be built in Montana. It looks like something that was carved out of greenwich connecticut from the 80s and then shipped across the country and rebuilt.

    probably the least ‘homey’ house i’ve ever seen on Flathead Lake. It reminds me of what of the homes from Game of Thrones… just not as cheery.

    not even 1 taxidermy mountain lion –??? or 1 hand hewned log – what were they thinking lol

  • Michael

    Two houses for sale for $78 million a piece owned by the same guy? Something seems fishy to me.

  • Grrrowler

    $78 million is a very popular number for this guy. I like this a more than I like his Bradbury house at least. But, not a lot more. The exterior looks like a school house, with less personality. Up-close some of the details are interesting but from a distance it’s big and bulky.

    The interior is confused to me. There are too many competing styles going on with no cohesiveness. On top of that, it’s very cold and impersonal; I’ve been in hotel rooms with character. The living room looks like a downright uncomfortable place to spend any time. In fact, the house could easily pass as a boutique hotel, although the interior would need more detailing and charm for that.

    On a positive note, I do like the chandeliers in the living and dining rooms, although they belong in a more rustic-looking house.

    There are some really odd things happening inside too, like the fact that there are no mirrors above the master bathroom sinks. I guess it’s nice to look at the view, or a moose, instead of yourself when doing your morning ablutions, but at some point it’s useful to know whether you’re successful or need to keep at it. Also, why is there a spigot for filtered drinking water in what appears to be a bathroom or powder room? I was looking for a little plastic dispenser for paper Dixie cups, but that’s apparently been cropped out of the pics.

  • lambskin

    No indoor/outdoor pool? Nice kitchen.

  • Daniel

    The exterior is heinous. The interior is much better than the Bradbury home, but far from $78 million. I’d offer $8-$10 million.

    • Dan Backos

      Don Abbey spent over $105,000,000 to build each of the mansions, that’s each! Really, at $78,000,000, it’s a deal.

  • Joejoe509

    $78M is still pretty crazy money. But this guy obviously has an ego and a half so it’s no wonder he thinks he can command that kind of money. Twice. At the same time. Wow… This mansion should be priced well under $20-25M in order to be taken seriously. $78M is Bradbury prices, not Montana prices Mr. Abbey.

    Compared to his tacky marble monstrocity from the other day, this is rather nice. I don’t think I would be totally comfortable here, but there are enough interesting elements to make this home memorable. Something about this mansion just intrigues me… I keep looking at the pictures over and over. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but it’s certainly got my attention. There’s not really any one glaring thing that screams out to me as repulsive, but the overall package just doesn’t quite do it for me.

    At the very least, the land is absoutely gorgeous! And hell… it’s 100 times better than his other mansion!!

  • george

    Question, did the owner grow up in New Jersey?

  • sam

    This guy doesn’t believe in the benefits of a landscape contractor. Both houses have no landscaping.

    • Grrrowler

      Peshaw! That macadam driveway in need of grating counts as landscaping. Doesn’t it?

  • NOVA Ben

    Who the fuck are these people that build absolutely absurd behemoths, only to throw them on the market as soon as they’re finished?????? Unless you happen to strike gold and get some Russian plutocrat or a ditzy heir to a fortune that scoops the home up for full asking price, you end up with a white elephant that sits on the market for forever and a day, and eventually ends up selling for woefully less than you put into it.

    Seriously, help me out people, am I missing something here? Are there 72 virgins waiting for me in heaven if I build a massive, overpriced home nobody wants to buy? Putting aside the fact that this home is just NOT attractive in any way, you still have a MONTANA property that’s on the market for 78 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS. Okay, I’m done channeling Barney. I feel better now.

  • Doug

    Ehhhh, like it a lot better than his other one. But it doesn’t really fit it’s surroundings. The inside is much better than the outside. But the price is a huge joke, I’d say $15-20 mil TOPS. I’m sure it cost that much if not more to build, especially given the remote location, but that doesn’t make it worth that much. A homes price is determined first by its LOCATION, and then by its quality/construction cost. I’d bet most (if not all) people looking for property in Montana are looking for either a ranch type property OR a ski lodge type property. This property therefore does not appeal to almost ANYONE looking to dump a FEW million on property in Montana, let alone someone looking to spend dozens of millions in Montana. Also, unlike the location of his other property close to LA, this one doesn’t even appeal to the likes of those who spend obscene amounts of money on houses just to show they can (ie. Russians and Saudis). I’m gonna guess this guy has some sort of financial issues and needs to get his hands on something like $78 mil, otherwise I see no logic in the pricing.

  • James

    there is a guy in my town that owns two houses and has them both listed for $1.2mil and there is nothing fishy about it he simply spent the same ammount to build both houses 😀 thats all and i do like this house but the living room is verry cold 🙁

  • Tay

    I could maybe see this being on Lake Tahoe. But it just looks out of place currently

  • C

    I have the opposite opinion than most of you seem to. I don’t mind the settling and exterior, actually kinda like it. It should have a pool though, but the interior is horrific and in need of a gut rehab even if it is brand new.

  • Vic

    Having watched this island home being constructed over the past several years, I completely disagree with the comments that it looks out of place. It is one of the few homes on Flathead Lake that actually looks like it belongs there. Now the castle on Cromwell Island….a complete eyesore and definitely looks out of place.

  • JC

    To Sam that thinks Abbey didnt spend money on a landscaping contactor In Bradbury……I know for starters Abbey spent over a million bucks importing trees for his property.The landscaping is flawless if you saw it in person. I have worked at the property many times. Nothing was overlooked including the refrigerated trout pond designed by a UC Davis professor. I am surprised he is selling it just after completion. For the last 5 years he has had over 50 workers on his property every single day constructing the main house while he roughed it living in his 5000 sq ft garage.
    Anyway he worked his ass off to become so wealthy and still does so I guess he can do whatever he wants with his $$ right?

  • Heidi Collison

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mansion, and wouldn’t change anything in it… just the price, which seems a little over the top. I keep this site in my list of favorites, and visit it whenever I’m having a less than stellar day. Would love to have the opportunity to see it in person!

    • John

      Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and I LOVE this mansion as well. I do have to question whether it would feel cozy to live in. It seems to me the primary purpose to owning and living in this home is to entertain prospective business clients. Many a multi million dollar business deals will probably be made while entertaining guest here.

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