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  • Sam

    You make your money, its yours to spend as you see fit, but really?! After this long in Hollywood, Michael Ovitz should be well past the point of a show off, look at me, I need attention mega trophy home. 30,000 square feet is about the size, if not bigger than your average suburban, off the highway, hotel. At his age, the kids are grown (maybe he has a young trophy wife to match and they are having kids, I don’t know) so with just him and his wife/gf, what are they going to do with 30,000 square feet? Also, at his age, he should be thinking of downsizing. In a few years, when he hits 70, this size home is just not practical. Hell, unless you have a harem and 25 kids, its not practical at any age.

    • Geoffrey

      I heard somewhere that this mansion will be home to alot of art that Ovitz owns, open spaces for entertaining and showing them off. Im doubting there are 30 bedrooms in here for his harem.

      At 67 years of age, and after running CAA and Disney, you would be quite certain he has many friends, many powerful and famous friends, and now he has a home to entertain them all in. Lastly, Ovitz does alot of fundraising for charities etc, you could be quite certain alot of events will be held at this home with a focus on fundraising fo the next hospital, scholarships or charities.

      I like this home, i think it suits a man who has achieved so much in his life. Modern, contemporary and sits perfectly on the block.

  • Sam

    Its a pity such a large plot has been taken up to construct such a tasteless contemporary home. I cannot imagine how an earth this house is laid out, even though contemporary homes usually look edgey and “disjointed”, a house this size would have to have some large entertaining spaces, I cant see where those would be in coloration to the rear patio area. The pool area is horrific, looks more like a fountain than something you could actually swim in, also the entrance I would actually mistake for a museum entrance where you walk inside the whale mouth, or hall of mirrors that usually narrows into the lobby. I guess if he founded this arts agency the house cant really be that bad?

  • Charles

    Urmmmmm seeing as how Michael Ovitz is one of the worlds largest art collectors I suspect that the size and design is pretty much based around the art it house. If it looks abit like a contemporary art musuem it probably has a better collection than most anyway.

    • Marie

      I hope that’s the case because it’s looks cold and uninviting to me.

  • Hugh

    Saw this place today when I was looking at the Angelo Drive house in maps.

    Wondered what is was. Thought it looked like a public place, art gallery would seem to fit the picture

  • Daniel

    Cold and uninviting, even with the ludicrous funnel entrance. File this under “trying too hard and failing.”

  • Jh

    Does anyone know if mark wahlberg has started construction on his 30,000 square foot.house in beverly park yet?

  • siblysarkar02

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  • Chance

    I love contemporary, but this is to commercial looking even for me. I’ve read about this house before, and I know that 2/3 of it is basically an art gallery, but still. Either way, it’s his house and if he’s enjoying it, then kudos to him.

  • ovitzfan

    He’s really into modern art and architecture. The architect was Michael Malzen who is a big local guy currently doing great stuff downtown for underserved communities. Look him up. I agree the outside looks really boxy but it is indeed a showcase for his art collection – he allows tours for local groups and has some great stuff – Jasper Johns, Picasso, etc. Considering he stayed local to build his place and remains connected to the community with his art, I say more power to him.

  • Nebris

    1273 Leona Drive was a beautiful little modernist house where Jean Renior had lived for decades.

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