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  • Chance

    I like the house, but it’s a bit dated even with the renovation, and it’s not going to sell for $29 million, maybe $15 million. Oh, and it’s not gonna sell for at least 2 years.

  • Joejoe509

    This house seems catered toward ONLY Michael and no one else but wealthy egotistical sports nuts like him. To the average public, it looks like a mid-90’s doctor office or a corporate headquarters. Renovated in 2009? Should have done more… Other than the children’s playground, there is really nothing nice I have to say about this property.

    P.S. I love and admire MJ so don’t think I’m hating on him just because his house is ugly 😉

    • Marie

      Agree with everything you said here. Whoever buys this will have to do major renovations in the millions because of how dated and MJ centric it is. For that a rich buyer can just build a brand new home from scratch without this obvious headache.

  • Jane
    • Chance

      I would think so considering that article is 14 months old and the structure was at least 50% completed by then.

  • avoona


  • george

    Kenny you should re-consider the name of the blog. After constantly seeing such insane pricing on houses maybe Homes of the Rich and Greedy, Rich and Insane, or Rich and egotistical would be better choices.

  • Daniel

    Eh. While I do like some elements of the house, I think the interior is the most offensive. How terribly bare. Throw in some Art Deco furnishings and paint the exterior and you may make this appeal to more people. The price, as mentioned, is laughable considering the surrounding homes.

  • Geoffrey

    eek ugly home, no outdoor pool? why?

    • NOVA Ben

      Because this isn’t California or Florida.

  • Brian

    Here’s one reason MJ will never get that price:
    This is an architectural masterpiece ON the lake, for under 20% of MJ’s asking price. Of course, it IS missing the requisite basketball course…

  • Grrrowler

    I can’t say that I like it, at all. It’s not inspiring modern architecture. In fact, it’s very unimaginative modern architecture. Both inside and out it looks like it would be better suited to being a museum. The price is pretty laughable and I doubt it will sell quickly. For a LOT less money, I’d take the house the Brian linked to.

  • george

    I think you can learn a lot by looking at the agents other listings. In this case it is 16 condos and 1 empty lot. No houses. I wonder how she got the listing? I wonder who would list the most expensive house in Chicago with someone in so far over her head.

  • NOVA Ben

    Yeah, the only thing impressive about this place is the sheer size, everything else is cold and unimaginative. The first of many things that’ll need to go from this property is the absurd “23” on the gates.

  • richvanc

    Well… I agree with George, Kenny, this blog could be (better) named Homes of the Rich and Insane. lol. Of course this home is UGLY and the price is completely UNREALISTIC. 😉

  • Evan

    Were do you get 52,000 Sq ft from the square area of the basketball court is 4200 sq ft and thats the largest building the entire house with basketball court is 32,000 sq ft were do you get an extra 24,000 sq ft + from ? And i don’t see a swimming pool?

    • Brian

      I was actually wondering the same things… But since the price is so ridiculous and the house likewise, I decided to ignore those pesky issues.

    • Al Robinson

      Evan, I like where your going with your question, but I thought I’d let you know that a basketball court is actually 4,700 square feet. The dimensions are 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

      I completely agree that I don’t see how you can add 24,000 square feet to the 32,000 square feet of the house itself. hhmmm…..

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    This home is another Chicagoland joke like that Burr Ridge mansion that was listed for $ 25 million and which didn’t even get a $ 3 million bid when it went on auction. Like it or not, Chicago is a particularly hard hit city in the present recession, and the rest of Illinois isn’t doing well either. Michael Jordan isn’t short of a buck or two, and he may want to try and keep the price high in the hope that someone might buy it because of who the previous owner was. Unless he gets some crazy Russian or Arab to shell money out, this is going to sell for a third of what he is asking – or, likely, even less.

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