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  • John L.

    Wow, they really used up all of the land for the house. I think it the house would be much more attractive if it were a little smaller yet would then have room for some grass. And it’s right on top of the neighbors too…

  • george

    Where do the kids or grand kids play? Where does the dog go?

    • AR

      Well, as spacious as the actual estate may be, it actually has a (relatively) small two-tiered grass area at the base of the pool and tennis court. It may look tiny due to the estate’s exponentially larger size to the nearby homes, but when you look at people in the pics on the stairs, it shows that the grassy areas are bigger than most people’s average backyard in many places.

      Clearly, the owner was more concerned with creating the ultimate “Los Angeles Mansion”, as seen in the films. As tacky/graceless as much of the layout may be, it’s obvious that having ample grass for his dog(s) to sh*t wasn’t near the top of the list.

      Regardless, this thing is actually pretty massive..street view on Gmaps shows that even the pool and tennis courts have rooms within them.

  • Geoffrey

    Ridiculously huge house. Would love to see the inside though.

    Any way of finding any info on the 4 massive homes to the west on Nimes road?

  • Scott

    I remember driving by this house while it was being built (I want to say 2006) and feeling sorry for the neighbors, especially those below it on Beverly Glen, who now have this massive house looming over them. It’s really atrocious.

  • Hugh

    Definitely needs more front yard

  • Critic

    I drove by. Across from Harvard Westlake and had a bunch of metal shutters and cameras. Paranoid?

    • Kenny Forder

      If you’re going to plug your blog in EVERY single comment, then you can at least just give your email address and not put “” THANKS =)

      • NOVA Ben

        Or maybe he can just avoid plugging the damn thing on every comment to begin with.

      • Critic

        The problem has been fixed. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    • Joejoe509

      Paranoid? I think it’s more an irrational fear of lawn mowers…

  • GeorgeL


  • Joejoe509

    Yeesh. It certainly takes up the whole lot! That back “patio” is bigger than most American house foundations. I don’t like this house one bit. I would like to see the interior though.

    That more traditional house next door looks really out of place. It’s probably a large house in itself, but is dwarfed by this monstrocity. If I were the owner of the smaller house, I would be petitioning the government to get this thing torn down.

  • Daniel

    I hope they tone down the mustard exterior a bit.

  • Coon

    Been driving passed this house for the last decade and it was under construction the entire time. Not sure if the owner was having financial troubles or what but it has taken forever to get to this point, and im assuming it will take forever to go the remainder of the way.

    In my opinion the lot is far too small. The house is a monstrosity, which is fine but this one offers almost no privacy as the exterior walls pretty much go right to the street and a busy one at that, considering its right across the street from Harvard Westlake

  • NOVA Ben


  • Minnie44

    I though this used to be Mike Tyson’s mansion that he started building over 10 years ago. This house has been unfinished for many years

  • Mike

    This house has been under construction since ~1994. The original architect was Ron Firestone. He doesn’t feature it on his web site out of embarrassment. Clearly a case of an owner who’s vision overshadowed good taste and his financial resources. Some actor or athlete with more money than sense will likely complete the home and be the first resident.

  • mike

    i worked on this house for 5 years. these people are insane! the contracter finally got so sick of marc making changes and addittions that he decided to go ahead with the drywall without the owners permission. the house has been under constuction for approximately 18 years due to marcs changes. i can tell you this that yes the outside may be done but the inside is not. the house was wired for a crestron system that marc and his son thought they knew like the back of their hands. within every 10 ft. there is a crestron keypad so do the math. it is a 3 story home. the bottom floor consists of a full 200 thousand speaker system for a theater(just speakers). a bowling allley, a 2000 sq ft office space, a sauna rm, and a underground bbq, as well as many other nooks and crannies. i will leave it at that the two other floors are just as ridiculous!

  • AR

    well send a pic you slimy, slippery serpent! Lest ye become consumed by the flames. hsst

  • AR

    you guys all love “plugging” eachother regularly, don’t you?

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