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  • Sam

    Not only are they not what I expected, but I was quite impressed with a couple. As you say, they are similar to some of the homes being built in Russia and usually, when they go down the classical architecture route, you end up with something very gauche, what you’d expect when the owner is a Russian nouveau riche oligarch who raped and plundered his country. Not one for modern architecture myself, but that yacht design is also nice.

  • LE

    Number 34 and 47 look like they were abandoned before they were completed . Number 47 would look pretty cool if they ever finish it.

  • Daniel

    Well, I guess Nouveau is better than Never. My favorite is the one in photo 20, minus the dozens of globe light fixtures.

  • My Little Housing Blog

    I think I will plan a trip to Koncha-Zaspa, would be nice to drive around and look in the area. Kyiv, or Kiev in English, is a beautiful city, well worth a trip.

    On thing I do not like about many of the larger homes is that they all have a pool on the ground floor, there should be a grand ballroom or something like that instead.

  • Joejoe509

    Hmmm… pretty interesting! I don’t think any of them are quite my style but there are some interesting, unique details in most of them. Thanks for the article, Kenny!

  • Guest


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