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  • Daniel

    Dare I say the nicest house in the state…

    Looks like a very authentic representation of Palladian architecture. A beautiful home from the aerials, but one that would be better suited in Florida or California.

  • Chance

    While I’m not a fan of this type of architecture personally, I’ll echo Daniel’s sentiment that this is probably the nicest home I’ve seen from Indiana (though I am a bit partial to Scott Jones’s house).

  • NOVA Ben

    This is an impressive looking estate, and actually looks quite elegant from these images; I’d love to see pics of the interior. With so much land, I would not have placed the home so close to the water…I feel like this kind of property needs some long, sweeping lawns leading down to the water. It’s weird to have that monumental driveway leading up to the house, only to have the home perched on the edge of the lake like that.

  • Grrrowler

    This looks very nice. I admire the classicism that doesn’t seem to be overdone. The setting is lovely as well; this is what an estate should look like. Sadly it looks like the surrounding neighborhoods are less than impressive. I actually like the rear of the house overlooking the lake, with the upper terrace that leads down to the water.

  • Jason

    from what I can see I like it a lot. of course a well designed Italiante will always captivate me!

  • wesexxx

    What a great house! At first glance reminded me of Ira Rennert’s house.
    I feel affection for a classical architecture and I like this house.
    To Daniel: I agree, but it would be difficult to find a large enough plot of land in California or Florida for the house.
    This house as it stands is 262 feet long and 154 feet wide.

    • Daniel

      In S. Florida it would be fairly easy, if you’re willing to live a little west or have a lot of money to buy an oceanfront plot.

  • Hugh

    Love this place. Its flawless.

  • Oliver

    This house is a stunning example of Classical Palladian Revival! Not too overdone, not too underdone, juussttt right 🙂 i love the long straight driveway leading up to it but like others have mentioned it is a little odd to have such a long driveway leading up to the house just for it to be teetering on the edge of the lake. That being said however i do love the view of the house from the lake so it definitely works. Overall this is a very impressive estate!

  • Ryan J

    We do Valet for Christel for her christmas party every year i have personally been on this estate many times the sheer size when you first come in is breathtaking she also puts all kind of art installations and sculpters around her property and the home it self is very warm and inviting its so nice knowing that she use’s her money for good to better the arts and childrens lives all around the world

  • Dave

    This is funny to me, thought I’d share. I was passing thru Indianapolis on I70 heading west. I live 600 miles away. I made a detour north on I think I-65 to stop at a recommended pizza place. My GPS somehow suggested I take Michigan Rd back to the interstates. Got to love the GPS. I am driving along, not seeing anything particularly exciting, when I noticed this beautiful wall. Rock, brick, stucco, all topped with beautiful red tile. Really nice and extensive landscaping all along. Very impressive. And this wall keeps going. Its probably a half mile. Every section as beautiful as the first. The trees were all different colors, I couldn’t see any house behind the wall. I had assumed it was a resort, a private country club, maybe a University — something. I google’d to find out what was behind that wall and found Christel Dehaan and this website. Christel, if you ever read this page — well done!

  • Teddi

    I have a personal belief that estates should be far back as possible from the road. That no one just passing by should be be able to stop, gawk and take pictures so people like me can ogle them. But this took it a little too far. I don’t want to spend 30 minutes just getting out of my driveway and onto the main road. LMAO.

    Anyway, this looks like a very tastefully done estate. Wish I could see how the inside was furnished. At first glance I thought it was the Ira Rennart estate. from afar it has a similar look. Like them both. And I know I’m late, but how wonderfully generous that the owner plans to donate the estate after her death. Lovely idea.

  • Lacole wooden

    I ride pass the mention all the time me and my two girls is beautiful from what I see on the Internet we would love to take a tour one day

  • Sean

    It is an incredible estate. I had a family would worked/works on this home. I was fortunate enough to tour it and it truly is an amazing home. The craftsmanship is incredible. Hand plastered walls, indoor pool facility, award winning staircase, wonderful design and an absolutely incredible patio which is about 2 1/2 stories which goes down stair towers to a landing pad where you can board a boat to go out onto the lake. Very formal, European style but as ‘Ryan J’ said, it is very warm and inviting even with it’s massive scale. The house is divided into 3 areas – There is a ‘living area’ (daily living for Christel) and a massive formal living & dining room for entertaining and finally the entertainment wing – indoor pool pavilion area with a billiards room.

    There is also an outdoor pool with pool house that includes a roof top deck grass deck that is an extension of the formal gardens coming from the house (and the indoor pool area). The acreage is impressive and it borders the White River and across the river is Butler University and just down the street is the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

    I have been blessed to visit some amazing estates across the country, and even though this home is not my particular style, it truly is the most impressive estate I have experienced from the grounds, landscaping, layout, design, craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail. It is a world-class estate that is timeless and an example of true world-class craftsmanship.

    To look it up on a map, the address is: 4435 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN

    SIDE NOTE: Aaron Cohen was the builder of this home and his portfolio is impressive. As amazing as this home is, he actually built an ever larger estate just up the road from Christel’s in Carmel, IN for Mel Simon (founder of Simon Malls & co-owner of the Indianapolis Pacers) called ‘Asherwood Estate’ which actually is the largest home in Indiana and I believe ranks as one of the top 20 largest homes in the US. The main residence ‘officially’ measures in at 51,267 sq. ft.

    The property also includes a private golf course with a club house as well as a 7,000+ sq. ft. guest home (where President Clinton and other high profile guest would stay while visiting). The address of his estate is: 10110 Ditch Road, Carmel, IN

  • Linda Hoffman

    In response to those who mention the mansion being set right on the edge of the lake: I am reminded of the Chillot Castle in Montreaux, Switzerland. It sits right on the edge of Lake Geneva. It is marvelous to sit in the gigantic stone windows in the dining hall. Looking down or out, all you see is smooth, clear water. While it is peaceful, in the days if knightly battles, the fortress was protected on that side because intruders would have been completely visible. Perhaps it is a European touch as well as added security.

  • Malvinas Petras

    Whoa, the full Cleveland!

  • Allen Humphries

    I drive by all the time, the wall is massive. The pictures I have seen online your home is quite beautiful and breath taken. Would you ever consider giving tours, if not the entire house what about just part of it or just certain rooms. Your house is a piece of art……… share it, please

  • SJ

    Stunning! Beautiful architecture. Reminds me a tiny bit of Villa Viscaya in terms of architecture placement. The property line is perfect for this sort of style. Having not been inside the home, what you all refer to as the “back” could in fact be the “front” of the interior of the home so that the living areas open onto sweeping water front views! The beautiful lawns and gardens would then be constructed along the “drive” side of the property. In these photos it appears that the formal landscaping is not complete. I’d love to see it today!! Well done!

  • drew

    this has to be the best piece of property/house in central indiana

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