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  • Grrrowler

    It’s cold, impersonal, unimaginative, and way too beige.

  • Daniel

    The facades of these Pelican Crest homes all look the same. Almost want to say it looks like a billion-dollar trailer-park from the street. I love the openness and size of the living room, but the beige as Grrrowler said was taken way too far. I think it could be nice with a good decorator though. The price seems reasonable given the other properties we have seen here. is the view not as prestigious?

    • Scott

      No view would be a more apt description.

  • lambskin

    Get rid of all the drapes-especially in the media room.

  • JM

    that media room is ugly as hell

  • sam

    So boring, and for the price I would expect a tennis court and larger grounds. Seems overpriced by at least 4million in my opinion. Looks like a large home in a housing tract. Nothing special.

  • Corbin

    Can the writer not spell SHORERIDGE. not shoeridge. I live right up the street, its shoreridge. Spell check honey.

    • Kenny Forder

      Thanks for letting me know, HONEY lol. *rolls eyes*

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