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  • John L.

    $39 million, and it’s just… horrible.

  • James

    the price is way to high but if I had only one word to describe this house it would have to be “UNIQUE” 🙂

  • Grrrowler

    Oooh, the clam shells. I remember this place being on the market back in the mid 1980’s. It was weird back then, and it’s weird now. Even though it appears to be very well maintained, it hasn’t aged well. I don’t hate the interior shown in pictures 2 and 3, but picture 4’s room is just hideous. I also don’t like the clam shell buildings, either from above or at ground level. For $38 million, I would prefer to have 3 or 4 more attractive houses.

  • Onions

    Obviously the owners had their reason for it but 3 guest homes on a lot that sized just seems unnecessary to me. I would personally tear 2 down and make better use of the land. Either putting in a tennis court, gardens, koi pond, whatever. This just gives the feel of a campus and $38 million is definitely asking way too much.

  • Nick

    FLop FLop FLop…

    Just horrible…

    Bring the bulldozers…

    The landscaping is very beautiful though.

  • Brian

    The votes are in. Teardown it is. No one will miss it/them. The layout never did seem to make much sense.

  • Daniel

    The sad thing is that this and the home next door were once the site of Playa Riente. So, so sad that the seawall is all that remains of that stunning estate, which I believe was larger even than Mar-a-Lago. Coincidentally, the home next door is also for sale. Perhaps a billionaire with an affinity for history and Addison Mizner architecture will bulldoze both and re-build Playa Riente. This particular home is certainly unique, though I wouldn’t call it beautiful. It’s just too casual and resort-like for Palm Beach, which deserves something a bit more formal. As others have stated, the landscaping is gorgeous but the structures are not. The price is actually not terrible considering the large lot size and direct oceanfront location. I see this going in the low 30s/high 20s.

  • NOVA Ben

    How bizarre…I’m in agreement, definitely not attractive.

  • Randy

    What a shame…. this house is for sale since the owners were victims of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme . Loriane Freidman and her late husband Jack invested nearly all of their $130 milllion fortune (which was invested for their children and grandchildren) . Loriane is too old to care and the kids want the money out of this compound . The empty lot just 2 properties north sold for $26 million to a Philadelphia family who intends on building a new mansion , so I think this place is at least worth that .

  • Hugh

    I like it.

  • Hunter

    The landscaping is very nice, what an awesome pool area could def have fun there..I’d tear down the back two guest houses and throw in a putting green w/bunkers and tennis court, leave the one by the pool and update and add on to the main house..Whatever the new buyer’s do to it, they have to leave the landscaping and pool area..those are really perfect.

    • Hunter

      Just googled Playa Riente; I’d tear down the main house and rebuild the Playa..that place looks like it was fabulous..

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