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  • Limedaiquar

    I’ll be honest the outside looks very nice for the house to be a friggin’ triangle. But that whole great room/ dining room is a nightmare! And whats with the random bar? And the uhm….theatre/ family room ma’bob’thingy. My 24 mil would be spent elsewhere.

  • Grrrowler

    Newport Beach is always odd in that the houses are somewhat large, on the harbor, and almost right on top of each other. It seems pretty common to have a pool in an interior courtyard, like this one, which means that it won’t get a lot of sun a lot of the day. It also means that you may have visitors walking past your hot tub or swimming pool to get to the front door, which is what looks like is happening here (although maybe that’s not the main entry door into the courtyard).

    With a house in this style, there’s a point where you either have to keep going so that the design is almost over the top, or pull it back a little bit to keep it from being tacky. This house reached that point, and then stopped. If the design had been taken further to resemble a Venetian palace, it could have been stunning. It ended up looking mediocre and tacky. The decorative elements in the interior look tacked on instead of fully evolved and integrated into the design.

    The price seems typical for a Newport Beach waterfront house.

    • Limedaiquar

      That’s what I was thinking the outside from the back is beautiful especially the back. But the inside is very cookie cutter and tacky. My biggest gripe is the great room: every window is different and they could’ve left out the two windows right beside the fireplace.

  • lambskin

    I am not a fan of the same stone flooring used throughout the house. The same-sized square tiles makes me focused on the grout. The kitchen so open to the greatroom is not conducive to entertaining as you would hear and see the caterers. The rear elevation is beautiful.

  • Daniel

    I pretty much agree with Grrrowler (as I have this past week). The exterior reminds me of something you’d see in The Sanctuary – small lots with homes that eat up every inch of the land no matter how odd the final structure may look. My biggest gripe with the interior is the wood crown moldings and window frames used in almost every room. Enough!

  • Joejoe509

    I didn’t look at the pictures with great scrutiny, but it seems interesting enough. I dig the crazy shape. I wouldn’t personally like living there. But I like it more than some homes in the same genre.

  • sam

    Looks like a set to a Mexican Soap Opera. The style already looks dated to me. I would tear it down and rebuild something modern and clean.

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