This stately gated mansion is located at 7 High Point Road in the prestigious Bridle Path neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and situated on 2 acres. It boasts 14,000 square feet of spacious living space with 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 12-13′ ceilings on main floor, 10′ ceilings on 2nd floor, great hall with sweeping staircase and 3 sets of French doors leading to gardens, formal living and dining rooms, elevator, library with double sided fireplace, gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, ballroom, tea room, billiards room, family room with French doors leading to covered terrace and more. It is listed at $13,800,000.



  • NOVA Ben

    This is about as warm and welcoming as Minnesota in winter, and egregiously unimaginative to boot. It just looks like they made big square rooms and affixed things to them, like the kitchen finishings and bathroom fitments…there just doesn’t seem to be any sense that it all came together as a unified effort. I’m sure the lack of furnishings doesn’t help, but I can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere near this home even when it is properly furnished and decorated.

    The facade of the home isn’t so bad, but the pictures of the property itself, aside from the actual home, look as if they could’ve been taken in the dead zone at Chernobyl, and that’s only partially because of the gloomy weather.


  • Sam

    The weather doesnt do this property any justice, but compared to most mansions on Bridle Path this one looks quite homely, the light furnishings have made room for other peoples possessions but leaves you open-minded about how you can decorate the house. The layout of the property is extremely confusing and the rear of it is proper ugly. I would have liked to have see this with freshly mowed lawns, flower boarders, and lined with trees, at the moment its looking pretty lifeless. I think the property will sell partially because of its location, the lot itself is quite large, I personally would like to have build my own house on Bridle Path..


  • Daniel

    From the looks of it, $13.8 million gets me:

    1) An asylum complete with *one* dead tree
    2) An asphalt(?)/dirt driveway
    3) Boards in the backyard that outline a fountain
    4) Rusted garage doors
    5) Gigantic rooms with no sense of proportion
    6) Did I mention the *one*…dead….tree?

    I think we have a winner!


  • lambskin

    Is that a boom box on the shelf of the library/den? You would think there would be a built in sound system. Do not like the rear elevation. My pet peeve in these mansions is the lack of a wall double oven in the kitchens. The Viking is great but not for parties catered at home and who wants to bend over every time you use the oven.