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  • Nick

    For 1985 it’s pretty good.

    After that I don’t want to see the interior…

    • Kenny Forder

      1985?? It was built in 2010 lol.

      • NOVA Ben

        I think he knows. I agree with him.

      • Nick

        My goodness…

        Then it’s the bad quality of the tragic exterior photos.Next time they should call Kim Sargent for professional photos.

        • Plain J.

          lol………. 😀

  • NOVA Ben

    Duller. than. ditch-water.

    • Plain J.

      It should be converted to a science museum.

  • Grrrowler

    Groundbreaking design! A bunch of white boxes with some tinted glass. No one has ever thought of building a house in this style before…ever! The interior is also like nothing ever seen before. I think we should immediately declare the designer of this house to be Master Architect of the World and give him every architectural award on the planet. I’ll be surprised if someone doesn’t offer twice the asking price to be able to live in this masterpiece.

    And then I woke up from the nightmare.

  • Daniel

    I can smell the mold from Boca…

  • Plain J.

    This exactly reminds me of a museum….

    • NOVA Ben

      It would be the perfect place for a museum displaying the world’s most comprehensive collection of tooth picks. Or napkins. Or maybe fingernail clippings. Something to suit the snooze-worthy design.

  • Jose

    Great piece of land, that’s all there is to see here though!!

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