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  • Kenny Forder

    You guys should see the lower level! It’s almost twice the size of the average American home!! 0.o

  • Sam

    I always imagined this being decorated differently, I dont know why, I think it left more to the imagination when it was unfurnished. The interior is very suburban mixed with old world, it suites the home very well but I’m not sure its my cup of tea. The landscaping is stunning, especially the pool area. No fault in the exterior and the house itself.

  • lambskin

    Beautiful home and the decor is lovely as well. Minimal number of furniture, carpets and art…

  • Daniel

    Bleh. Those photos make me queasy. Interior is not bad but nowhere near the level I would expect in a $15 million home. I don’t like the front entrance; they should have left the roof line alone and not included that dormer with the window.

  • JD

    The tiny mosaic in the master bath looks like carpet at a glance.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s got some attractive features on the exterior, but there are some weird things happening with scale. The dormer on the far right makes the tower and the garage doors look miniature. Actually, on second glance, it’s worse than I thought. Realizing that the front door is probably designed for normal people and not giants, many elements are out of proportion. The height of the columns makes the first floor look as if it sunk compared to the height of the second floor. The dormer above the door doesn’t help; it sort of looks like a Phillip Treacy hat stuck on the top, and the shape of its arch has nothing to do with anything else.

    The interior is nice enough, but it’s predictable. I’ve seen that same interior about 50 times in the Bellevue, with some variation in color and size.

  • NOVA Ben

    Some nice features, but it’s underwhelming after the hyperbole of the description. The quality is there, but the facade is very very busy, and the proportions are off, as others have said. I love the landscaping, the driveway, the gates and all that good stuff, they’re very attractive, but the exterior of the home itself needs to calm down a little.

    Interior is very run-of-the-mill for a suburban mansion…again, quality is definitely up to par, but it just doesn’t break any new ground, especially the far too predictable 2-story great room area. The layout of the kitchen is odd, but I love the butler’s pantry/catering kitchen. The master suite isn’t thrilling either, with the exception of the walk-in closet which is pretty spectacular. I love the woodwork in the library, it’s a wonderful room overall. The basement is pretty predictable, albeit pleasing. Overall a little disappointing.

  • jay

    You really have to see this house in person to truly appreciate it. Pictures do it no justice at all!Quality!Quality!Quality!

    • Kenny Forder

      Amen! What date did you tour the house? I toured it in July of 2010.

  • jay

    Ive watched it from start to finish….. but the last time i was inside hmmm about a yr ago, definitely one of alpines finest builds…. believe me ive toured many in that area…..

    • Kenny Forder

      Nice nice. Check your email, I just sent you a message.

  • Tay

    I want to like it but I’m just so confused by the roof lines and blended styles. It is like a miniature castle. And castles aren’t meant to be miniature. I do really think this house is top quality and the interior( besides the strange millwork and moldings) looks to be fantastic, landscaping too!

  • mattc.

    Great home.
    The setting on the lot is also spectacular.
    One of the best on HOTR so far !

  • smarttiger

    I won’t comment on the design of the house itself (neither the interior). However, the interior work (regarding the craftsmanship) is outstanding. You can really see the difference. The moldings, door frames, etc. Really nice.

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