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  • Lonnie

    Simply STUNNING!

  • Tommy Dunaway

    I love this house.

  • Kenny Forder

    I love the coffered ceiling with crystal chandeliers in the home theater; so fancy! However, I hate the fact there is absolutely NO backyard!

    • Plain J.


      • Plain J.

        Kenny, who is the lady/anonymous figure standing in front of the fireplace in the living room?

        • Kenny Forder

          I have no clue haha. It looks like she’s computer generated.

          • Plain J.


  • weisser

    Oh, I like it. Really excellent house.

  • Sam

    Not too crazy about the front, they should have found some nice architectural way to hide the size, but once you step in, WOW!. The builder does not seem to be making a lot of profit on it. They list some of the expense items (including 1 million dollars worth of foam insulation!!!!!!!!!) and just on those listed items, which actually does not including putting up the first and second floor and the inside, I came to 7.05 million spent. Interesting.

  • lambskin

    A timeless palace but backyard is MIA.

  • Daniel

    Fish-eye photos for a $9 million home? Probably one of the better Canadian mansions I have seen in a while. Exterior could use a little softening up and some better landscaping.

  • Nalin

    love the theater, love the garage. love the ceilings, but strangely proportioned backyard though haha

  • NOVA Ben

    This actually saves me some time, because if this is deemed the “best custom home in Canada”, then I don’t have to bother looking at a single Canadian home from here on out. I honestly don’t see the appeal at all, there’s not a drop of personality in this monstrosity.

  • NOVA Ben

    Also, I’ve taken shits that look more Colonial than this.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    Re the tiny backyard:the builder’s video shows a golf course right behind the home. If you have people golfing that close to the home’s rear, you’re probably not going to have much privacy during the warmer months. However, the Canadians have long winters, and the ridiculously small backyard might work out all right during the long cold months as no golfers are likely to be outdoors for at least six months a year.

    The workmanship is very nice and Mississauga has been the beneficiary of a lot of US companies moving software development centers over there. That said, friends in Canada seem to think that their real estate market is due for a correction. It will be interesting to follow this listing and see what the home eventually sells for.

  • Owen

    Why so many complaints about the backyard? A buyer’s main interest is to buy a house, not a backyard.

  • Steven

    With all due respect to the builder, you DON’T build an 18,000 square foot mansion on ONLY 3/4 of an acre! What the heck was he thinking? My brother built his own 5,000 sq. ft. house on the same size of land and he has a beautifully (and professionally) landscaped backyard with PLENTY of room. His house is the right size for that lot. The same can not be said for Saxony Manor. The house is not in proportion to the dimensions of the land it sits on. Moreover, it bastardizes the driveway – which should be much longer and wider to complement the house. Furthermore, the house is also way too close to the street (and proximity to Mississauga Road). If it were on 2 acres of land, it could be properly recessed approx. 50 ft. deeper. Imagine during rush hour what the noise level must be coming from Mississauga Road?

    There is so much I love about this house, but there is so much I find problematic as well. I don’t need the parking garage with lift system. What a waste. I think the exterior is the nicest I have ever seen, however, I would completely change the interior of the house and customize it according to my taste.

    Speaking from first-hand experience (because I have seen the house up close many times), I love the location, but I hate the fact that it is “sardined” into that lot.

    Good luck to whomever buys this beauty!

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