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  • Daniel

    Hmm. This looks different than your typical Palm Beach mansion. Damn shame it’s in the north end of town. Smith and Moore are good architects, but nowhere near Bridges Marsh & Associates or Jeff Smith’s level of refinement.

  • Chance

    The landscaping looks amazing, and the house is nice, though I don’t have faith in the finished product looking this good.

    • Daniel

      This is Palm Beach. The Architectural Commission will make sure this ends up looking *better* than the rendering 😉

  • Grrrowler

    It’s an odd mashup between French Baroque and Mediterranean. The barrel tile Mansard roof is definitely different. There are some very nice houses on the S&M Architects web site, but also some that really bore me. This could be a very interesting house, if the finished product ends up looking like the renderings.

  • NOVA Ben

    This actually looks stunning. My only complaint is the home’s close proximity to the road, but I suppose you take what you can get when it comes to ocean-front property. I hope it turns out as mouth-watering as this rendering.

  • Rudy

    This is how a Palm Beach house should look. Is one house from the old Kennedys Mansion. Men what money can do, one of the lots has an old Ranch style house that in Palm Beach standars is a teardown but the second lot has a great 12,700sf home with incredible modern interiors built in 1998…..cant belive this will be demolish.

  • Cam

    I found their home in PA, its pretty legit. The address is, 841 MERION SQUARE RD.

    • NOVA Ben

      I was just reading an article about their PA home without knowing it was the same people! I would KILL to see the inside of that place. I wish the aerial images were as high quality for the front of the home as they are for the rear.

  • MissPa

    This guy is a crook who profits off poor children in the Chester School District and who profits from billboards that blight our roads. Don’t admire him, or his tasteless monstrosity of a house.

  • SickTaxpayer

    As a Pennsylvania taxpayer, it sickens me to know that my tax dollars were diverted from his for-profit educational management company to fund this, instead of more of it going to help the children of Chester. It should be against the law, but sadly it currently is not. We need to change the laws, but Gureghian is our Governor’s single largest donor. Our government appears to be for sale. But the state has uncovered significant evidence of his schools cheating on standardized tests, and his schools’ test scores plummeted when the state ramped up security this year. So this house is filled with bad karma, and we’ll see whether his lavish lifestyle is sustainable.

  • Barnabus Samuel


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