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  • Daniel

    Ya, brick and brand new limestone do not look good. If the stone was aged it would look much better. Interior is trying to hard to be opulent; fails. The cheap brown marble framing some of the doors and door frames needs to go. Theater looks crowded.

  • NOVA Ben

    Agreed, needs either more brick or for the stone to be aged. I also cannot stand the marble doorways and window moldings.

    This just comes off as overwhelmingly boring. It needs to be decorated for one, but there’s little of interest going on in the first place. As far as specific things that I don’t like…all of the family room’s windows look “out” into the indoor pool…not good. And I can’t stand the glass railings around the second floor balconies on the rear of the home. This is a big yawn for me overall.

    Oh, and will someone please explain to me how the hell you’re supposed to sit (comfortably) on a square toilet?

    • george

      When you wrote about the square toiley I thought you were kidding. What the hell were they thinking.

  • Grrrowler

    I’m trying to like it, but I can’t. My favorite part is the square toilet. It’s hilarious.

  • John

    Oh, this is nice. I like this. Best ive seen in a while. Still, some horrific clashes, but easily fixed.

  • richvanc

    U-G-L-Y… and, is that a fire-hydrant in the bar? If I had a friend living there, I would have to “unfriend” them. lol. 😉

  • Owen

    “Cheap brown marble framing”? I’m assuming you’d rather have hardwood, or something more exquisite like plaster?

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