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  • Kenny Forder

    #2 is gorgeous and located in one of my favorite communities! I also LOVE the interior courtyard!

  • Grrrowler

    My favorite is #2. Even though it’s another mock-med, it appears to have some style to it. I wish it were on the Intracoastal or the ocean instead of an inland lake.

  • Brian

    I will third the motion. #2 appears to be a well articulated design, and well sited on at least a small waterfront setting. I can understand #1 being wedged in as is, given the locale, but is land really that scarce in Sugar Land, TX?

  • Daniel

    Yay! A consensus that the S. Florida mansion is the best one compared to the others (perhaps the bar is set low, but who cares…). I agree, that Bear’s Club home seems like one of the better ones, considering it gets a lake all to itself. The orientation of the home does seem a little odd especially with the courtyard.

  • Critic

    Well they are certainly mega.

  • stigo

    can’t we save pictures anymore website

  • anon

    Been inside #3. Outside looks nice, inside is too gaudy imho.

    huge though, 23,000 sq. feet.

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