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  • Grrrowler

    Another awkward Aussie house. The exterior has an embassy feel to it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The interior would work well in a New York apartment. The two together just don’t work for me. The beauty of living in a 19th century house is the period details. Having all the period details stripped out makes for a nice urban feel, but why not do that in a less architecturally significant house? The infinity edge pool on the roof is pretty cool.

  • Sam

    I completely agree with Grrrowler, i was going to say the interior would suite a million-dollar apartment or penthouse. Its stunning! I would happily live here, only I dont really like the exterior…

  • Brian

    I hate to be so agreeable, but here I am agreeing with the first two correspondents again. The interior is certainly well done, but it should not have been done at the expense of an interior with irreplaceable Italianate Victorian detail, as I assume this had. If this was a loft, for instance, the results would be laudable – but not here.

  • Daniel

    I’ll echo Grrrowler’s statement. Originally built in the 1880s, interior destroyed in the 2000s.

  • NOVA Ben

    Well I hate to sound like a parrot, but I agree with everyone else. The exterior is interesting but I don’t like the bent they took with the interior. Shame…

  • lambskin

    It looks like the only interior vestige of the old place are the ornate ceilings and a a few arched doorways which do not harmonize with the interior. It probaly would have been easier to build new to get the same result. Still as modern goes this place is pretty cool.

  • Maddy

    Being from Melbourne myself,
    I love this place! I like that they’ve kept old Victorian elements to an absolute minimum – I think they had to to in order to successfully create a very spacious and clean cut (contemporary) interior. The most prominent Old Victorian detail IS the exterior which most comments above don’t like at all – I’m not sure why you’d want to keep more of it inside as well if you don’t like the style on the outside (of course each to their own though). The home theater is refreshing! I can’t stand all the visual weight from big, heavy red curtains and intricate ceiling details in majority of mansions. The wood panels in the kitchen look a little cold and corporate-like, but at least they’ve included some natural wood details.

  • Trybuu Chris

    This house is completely awesome!

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