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  • Jeremy Savas

    Absolutely stunning home and excellent marketing.
    You mentioned that the house has its own website, floor plans and video tours.
    Do you know where I would be able to view a copy of the floor plans?

  • Sam

    Stunning! I cant fault this mansion, only I’d love to see it fully furnished.

    • Kenny Forder

      I agree, there’s nothing to fault! =) This is my ultimate dream home. I could live there VERY happily.

  • My Little Housing Blog

    Kenny, have you tried to contact the owner directly? If not, try to do it, or contact the broker with a request to tour the home. It might work if you say you will do a story about the property, like a property journalist.

    I once tried to call the owner, I came as far as the private secretary. You can perhaps do better, so try it!

  • WrteStufLA

    Kenny, do you happen to know if the basketball court as shown on the plan is actually the upper part of a 2-story volume that begins on an even lower level?

    • Jeff

      Yep, the actual court is further below the basement. Those viewing windows are part of the regular basement level.

  • Marie

    Thanks Kenny for providing the video I thoroughly enjoyed viewing this spectacular mansion.

  • robungar

    I love that this house in New Jersey has “Empire State of Mind” playing in the background.

    • Matt

      its so annoying…#jerseypride

      • Kenny Forder

        LOL Matt! =P

  • Doug

    The listing says the house has 12 bedrooms, but I think the realtor needs to work on her arithmetic. I see 5 bedrooms on the second floor, 2 on the first and the staff room over the garage. That would make 7, main family bedrooms and a staff bedroom, am I missing something here? I thought maybe the extra rooms were in a poorhouse or something, but looking at the pictures it doesn’t appear that there really is a poorhouse or guesthouse, but just a small cabana of sorts.

    • Doug

      Spellcheck got me, *poolhouse is what I meant, not poorhouse.

      • george

        You were not wrong. These fools have it listed at 56 mil.

    • Marcus

      I think there are also some staff bedrooms on the third floor. The floor plans only show the 3 main floors but there are a total of 5 floors.

      • Doug

        Hahahahah this home is by no stretch of the imagination 5 “floors”. 1. Basements do not count as “floors” a floor is an above ground living space, not a basement, no matter how finished it is. Have you ever been in any building, home structure etc. where the floor count starts at the basement and goes up? No, because anything below ground level is a basement, cellar, finished lower level, walk out basement, whatever you want to call it. 2. The lowest level is nothing more than access to the basketball court, and the basketball court itself. That is nothing more than an extension of the “lower level”. So at the absolute most this house is 3 floors, and since there is no plans provided for the third floor I am assuming it is nothing more than storage, and maybe staff rooms. Either way it can’t be anything of significance. I live in a one story home, if I were to list it for sale and try to call it 2 floors just because it has a fully finished basement the realtor would laugh in my face, and anyone else would call it false advertising. Why is it that realtors think the generally accepted rules of advertising a home don’t apply for homes this expensive. If anything I would think people looking in this price range would be far more sensitive to these types of things.

  • Doug

    Excuse me, I meant *his arithmetic.

  • Kyle

    I like the exterior of the home a lot, but the interior, forget it. I also do not like how out in the open the home is, but that is just a personal pet peeve of mine, as I’d prefer the home to be surrounded with trees and secluded.

    • Kenny Forder

      Really?! The interior is MAGNIFICENT!!!! =)

  • Anita Thompson

    What happened to the Stone Mansion? Has it been purchased by someone? Why has it been taken off the market?

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