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  • NOVA Ben

    It’s big, sure, but it just doesn’t feel that special. It’s a lot of space, and it is London, but for $49 million I sure as hell want to be blown out of the water, and this isn’t doing it. The 64-image slideshow has space after space that’s the same old thing…I feel like I just looked at a 20-image slideshow that was looped three times.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s big. That’s really all the positive I can come up with. I’m not a fan of the Imperial Wharf project. Other than overlooking the Thames, there’s really not a great view out the windows. Even though there’s a lot of redevelopment, the area this is in is not worthy of a $50 million apartment. The interior is remarkable for being completely uninteresting. Without the furniture, there’s very little going on.

  • Brian

    This “thing” costs exactly triple the Italian palace listed prior to this one. You do the math. I agree with the other posters, this thing is completely generic, inside and out. No WOW factor anywhere, not even plantings, aquarium, koi pond, nada. So some Russian is bound to find it irresistible.

  • Nalin

    The architecture is amazing, the views are probably amazing, but the interior design makes it look like an IKEA. also, there are no finishings and its way too minimalistic to be worth $50 million

  • Daniel1

    Its verry classy but i do not see where the 50million dollars is…with all that is said about it i would only list it at 10million

  • Daniel

    Yawn. I’d rather have something in Knightsbridge.

    • Plain J.


  • Plain J.

    It is indeed very lavish….however, there needs to be MORE improvement for it to look like a 50 million dollar penthouse!

  • Rocco

    Where’s the 50MM view?

    You need all the square footage to compensate for the lack of a decent view!

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