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  • Limedaiquar

    Now why oh why is that fridge not wooden?

  • Daniel

    Looks much larger than the stated square footage. Beautiful details throughout, though the partial view of the Eiffel Tower is not exactly stellar.

  • Daniel1

    lol that fridge looks like the one my great grandmother just got rid of…and i agree with Daniel a partial view of the eiffel tower isnt exactly the bees knees lol

  • NOVA Ben

    Timeless and elegant, just like many of the other Parisian apartments we’ve seen. The kitchen will need a complete redo, but other than that, this looks quite nice. Unfortunately, I don’t need to request the price to know it’s probably too high.

  • geoff
  • lambskin

    Beautiful. But I would hate to clean spilled bordeaux on the mosaic grout in the kitchen.

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